Insta360 Gets Fully Integrated With Premiere Pro

Insta360 Gets Fully Integrated With Premiere Pro

Less than a month after Insta360 announced their last partnership, an extremely important deal will allow for virtual reality video in an easy and time-conscious workflow.

The update is for the Insta360 Pro camera, and Adobe are excited to have the system integrated. “We’re thrilled that Adobe’s flagship video software is now ready to stitch, edit and polish content captured by the industry-leading Insta360 Pro.” says Adobe’s head of partner relations for pro video, Sue Skidmore.

When the extension is installed, users will be able to import Insta360’s footage without a hitch. The biggest benefit, in my eyes, is that it allows for editing without stitching and just using a proxy version. That means that you’re only worried about stitching after you’ve cut the footage down to a reasonable size, saving a lot of time. Obviously unstitched footage wouldn’t be very visually conducive to the editing processes still.

A close up of the extension.

This also means that footage is only stitched once and once only, instead of the potential to suffer from compressing it twice like some other workflows would need. It’s also being stitched using Insta360’s own software, which I’d trust more than most.

The free extension will be released this quarter, and if you prefer to add more custom options to you workflow, then checkout Insta360’s partnership with SGO’s Mistika VR.

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