Philip Bloom's in Depth Review of Kinefinity Terra 4K is Breathtaking

Philip Bloom is back with a feature length review, only this time it’s a camera that you may not have heard of.

The Kinefinity Terra 4K is the little brother to their 6K camera. To me it’s a serious competitor against the Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro, because it’s only $3,999! It records ProRes or raw footage onto SSDs, doesn’t skimp on audio, can shoot in anamorphic modes, and comes in a lightweight package. Unfortunately the lens mount comes separately, at around $500. You can choose from E, EF, PL and Nikon mounts, with some allowing for a variable ND filter.

Kinefinity aren’t necessarily new kids on the block. In his write up, Bloom alluded to that saying “I first heard about them a few years ago but I can’t even remember what that camera was!” It was the KineMAX, I wrote about it four years ago and have been following the company ever since. However until seeing this review, I was always a little doubtful of their reliability and practical use.

The last time Bloom did a review of this kind was his stunning Sony FS7 review. It was incredibly detailed and based off his six months with the camera (alongside an FS5), but he claimed he’d never do another like it. This time around he’s only had the camera for three months, but it feels like one of his older reviews for sure.

I tend to take Bloom’s reviews as industry standard, and have no trouble sharing them to readers or friends who ask about certain gear. So I hope that he continues to create more content like this, when he’s not filming cats for charity or working on his masterclasses. You can check out his write up and some extra clips on his blog.

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Never heard of this brand but I love the competition! it's amazing what is affordable these days.

My next video camera will do Raw, so I’m super interested in this.

I thought Kinefinity has been a thing for awhile now, just no USA distributors, which still appears to be an issue.

PB always makes me watch reviews for cameras I'll never buy. The entire review too! Dunno how he does it.

Thanks for sharing! There are native files to download in my blog post at

Fascinating, look forward to "part two".

What a great review, love the depth he goes into, I always feel like I am learning something when watching PB. Love that he doesn't try to do the '5 minute' youtube thing, just makes great content.

Beautiful test footage; love the grading!

I think color science is everything, and I am very surprise to find out their color is pretty good.