World First: The Tintype Drone

There’s no doubt that flying a camera hundreds of feet above your head is pushing the boundaries of modern photography, but why stop there? Why not take some old school technology into the skies?

Giles Clement and Snaproll Media got together to create, what is safe to assume, a world first. Only recently have we been able to hover a drone so precisely, and it’s exactly this that allowed for this shot to happen. Can you imagine how far this kind of camera has come? Not just in the early days of photography, but that we still see the value of the process in today’s tech-frenzy.

Clement has been mentioned on Fstoppers before, in our article detailing the top ten modern tintype photographers on Instagram. It’s no surprise that somebody like him was behind this mission. I can’t imagine undergoing this sort of project without an expert in the field – I’d probably end up with a blank, white exposure.

A second exposure on the left, and setting up on the right.

Personally, I would like to see more of this. There’s nothing quite like a fusion of art forms, and if they’re both in the realm of photography, I’m all for it. It’s insane to think that fresh ways to experiment with a camera are thought of every other month. Remember the Centriphone idea? And with a new wave of cheaper, higher quality cameras hitting consumers every year, we can expect plenty more. Hopefullywe'll hear more from Clement and Snaproll soon.

[Via Giles Clement/Snaproll Media]

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