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Freefly Systems Ups the Ante with New MōVI Pro

The original MōVI M10 shook the filmmaking world, liberating camera movement and taking the Steadicam head-on. Three years on, Freefly Systems is ready to take on the market again – the market they arguably helped create – with the MōVI Pro.

Three Unknown Tips for Exporting Video

Encoding video files can become a crazy technical feat. I don’t blame people for using the preset options, even if they’re usually rubbish. Here’s how to fix three common problems, in unusually clever ways.

This Camera Bag Has a Built in Reflector

So you find yourself on set without any lights, and no reflectors. Normally you would need to get creative and make something up. However Scott Tallenger is trying to fix this niche problem by building a reflector right into a messenger bag.

This Is The $330 Leica Copy

If you’re a fan of Leica, but can’t afford one (nobody blames you), then this may be just the ticket. You’ll get the style, the compact package, and $5,000 remaining in your bank account.

Meet Leica's Crazy New Concept Camera

Just as the Digital Bolex is put to bed, Leica announced a new concept camera that's not too far removed. It may be in the land of dreams, but they certainly mean business when it comes down to the future of cameras. Leica's new cinema camera concept debuted at Photokina, and has proved an interesting foray into digital cinema. Although not their first entry into the market by any means, it's certainly eye-catching and hopes to inspire ideas surrounding what consumers want from a camera.

Cheap, Flexible LED Panels: A Brief Look

Last week I picked up Intellytech's version of a flexible LED panel. It's crazy thin, light, and portable. How does it stack up against a regular panel?

The Best DSLR Video Alternatives

We all love big sensors, affordable glass, and cheap camera bodies, but is DSLR videography a dying breed? If so, what are the alternatives that we should be looking at?

Adobe Adding Team Collaboration to Premiere Pro

Highly anticipated for years, Adobe have finally released their team collaboration system for Premiere Pro. Until now, only large enterprises would be able to do this. However, is it powerful enough?

Canon's New C700 Camera: Four Years Too Late?

While most of the photography and videography world has been pining over the 5D Mark IV, Canon has released a second camera that promises a whole lot more. The C700 is the successor to the wonderful C500. It boasts some seriously impressive specs. But is it too late?

Get Perfect Product Shots With An $8 IKEA Table

Caleb Pike is back with another DIY video, this time creating a super cheap product photography setup. It's clever, well thought out, and the results are amazing considering the price tag!

Gateway Drug: Are Smartphones Driving DSLR Sales?

If you take photos with your smartphone, you may be more likely to buy a DSLR. This could be the reason behind a noticeable spike in sales of low end DSLR Canon and Nikon. What does this mean for amateur photography, and can these statistics be trusted?

Downloadable Picture Profiles Can Bring Your Camera to the Next Level

If you’re not shooting raw images, selecting the right picture profile could be the difference between a decent image and an incredible one. I was surprised to find out that some photographers didn’t know that they can download extra picture profiles and install them. Why waste the opportunity?

Princeton Research Makes Selfies Look Like They Were Shot With Portrait Lenses

What if you could change the focal length of your lens in post-processing? Princeton has figured out how to take a regular selfie and warp it to look like it was shot with a portrait lens. Their research allows for all sorts of possibilities, but above all, it’s fun as hell to play around with.

Don't Charge for Time Spent, Charge for Time Lost

When somebody asks how much they should be charging for their service, this is the single best piece of advice I’ve been able to give. It’s hardly unique, but it puts things into a much better perspective. I always suggest justifying your prices, and prevent reduced hours. Here is the problem with charging by the hour, and how I fix it.

Stunning Wildlife Photography: Staged or Candid?

It's difficult to denounce nature photography, especially when the shots look this good. The hours that Konsta Punkka has put into his photography are not to be sniffed at, but is it unfair if the animals are fed in order to achieve the look?

Aputure Releases New Pocket-Sized LED

Aputure has released their latest LED panel, and it’s nothing like what they’ve created before. The panel is tiny, cheap, and looks like a very handy gadget to have on set.

100 Women Pose Nude in Art Installation [NSFW]

"Everything She Says Means Everything" is the name of Spencer Tunick’s latest art installation. 100 women gathered together in protest and for art in Cleveland during the Republican National Convention.

How to Get Paid, Even If Your Client Can't Afford It

We all know how the story goes. A client has grand ideas, but a budget that won’t cover your costs. How can you still get the project done, without taking a pay cut? Here are three creative ways of getting fully paid, that should leave everybody happy.

Michael Bay's Custom RED Camera Is Everything You'd Expect

If I told you that RED was making a custom Super 35mm camera for Michael Bay, what would you think it would look like? Would it subtly show off how much tech is crammed into it, or would it ostentatiously scream like a "Transformers" film?