Edelkrone Wants to Reinvent the Tripod


Edelkrone is the king of reinvention, from the Pocket Slider to their tabletop dolly. Sometimes, they’re also very good at charging top dollar for useless rubbish.

I mean, who wants to buy a necklace that holds your phone or a slider about the size of your phone? Maybe they’re just throwing gear at the wall to see what sticks. At NAB, they’ve announced a handful of upcoming products; however, the one turning heads is their new tripod. It’s tiny when it’s collapsed and completely malleable when it’s not. In fact, it’s so unlike a conventional tripod that they’re refusing to call it one.

‘This isn’t a tripod; it’s a stand.’

So far, all we know is that it has “no knobs, no buttons,” and folds up rather well. But how well? How big is it really?


To test that, we’ll note the length of the 5D Mark III in this picture along with the Canon 24-105mm f/4L lens. That adds up to 7.2 in/18.3 cm. Then, if we say that the length of the folded tripod is roughly 2.75x longer than the camera and lens, we can say that the folded Edelkrone Stand is about 20 in/50 cm in length.

How does that compare to other compact tripods? The Manfrotto Befree Aluminum folds down to 15.75 in/40 cm. So, the Edelkrone is not as great as a travel tripod, but it is pretty cool nonetheless. Then again, maybe being the smallest isn't the point here. It's about experimenting with great ideas, and that's what Edelkrone does best.

Edelkrone also brought out an updated follow focus, camera rig, and jib system. Only time will tell if these guys are up to scratch. 

For now, I'm still waiting for their reinvented slider! 


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That does look to be a very useful design; I'd love to give one of these a go particularly for some of my macro work which is irritating with even the best 'normal' tripods.

Same here. I have the Canon Auto Bellows and their MacroPhoto 20mm f3.5 lens for use on their FD mount cameras (I own the F-1N and A-1). That tripod looks like it can get pretty low.

As a cameraplatform in the studio, YES, why not, can you add a tethertable for the laptop?. but I will keep my tripod for outdoor use

Based on the intro video, it looks like novelty crap.

- Max height around 5 feet

- Operates only on perfectly flat & level surfaces (if you want your camera level)

- Tilt, but no roll

- You have to keep one foot on the stand to keep it from rolling around

The Wing at least seems marginally useful.

Mo, you just put the nail in the coffin. lol

I like Edelkrone, I like their out of the box thinking and wish more companies would at least dare to try. That said... one thing that is quite a turn off for me is the fact that they introduce all these innovative products but many often don't ever materialize AFTER being presented as "ready to hit the market". Many simply disappear from public view with no mention of what happened (your slider example above, motorized mini-slider that was all the rave last year, few others just last year, etc.). I find it deceptive - if the product is still a concept and no where near production then it shouldn't have a ship date, etc. It should be listed as "in development" or something to that effect. Call it what it is - an concept.

This "stand" is a total gimmick in it's current form - everything from those tiny, unlockable wheels to inability to tilt side to side is just impractical for anything other than flat, even surface of a showroom. And it's HUGE!

I did just order the new follow focus as my original worked well before, but this one's a proven product, so I don't see any risk.

I don't see how one would put their face to the back of the camera, unless that huge handle can adjust to not jut right into one's neck. Or for video and tethered uses, maybe it's not important to look thru the viewfinder.

This belongs in a museum of stupid ideas.

That's interesting...could be perfect for Studio work! Lovin' it!

Just another overpriced Edelkrone gimmick.

I just don't see it. Pros - it holds your camera. Cons - no tilt, no pan, and don't dare use it on an uneven surface. Meh....

We need to reinvent the reinvention of this...really?