Check Out These Electric Wheels for Camera Carts

Check Out These Electric Wheels for Camera Carts

Sometimes, we all need some help up a hill, and this is just the ticket.

Make Your Cart Go” is a fairly new company. They’re sick and tired of pushing large carts around sets and have figured out a way to get battery power involved. This probably isn’t useful for small transport carts. However, the idea would seriously help for carting C-Stands, grip equipment, and heavy Pelican cases around town.

They mention that the “Dual wheel models offer the Cadillac cart experience” but that a single wheel is surprisingly easy to work with. Their beefier setup utilizes a dedicated battery, while the “studio” models can use Gold mount batteries. Both models come with a throttle that mounts to the cart.

The system is compatible with Yaeger and Backstage carts. It’s a little disappointing that Inovativ carts aren’t compatible — at least not out of the box. This would probably suit a lot of location photographers. However, I can’t imagine that an Inovativ setup will weigh nearly as much as a packed Super Duz cart.

A single wheel package sells for $2,250, which isn’t cheap. That’s basically the price of a Yaeger Pro camera cart. The price goes up to $3,550 for the stronger model and dedicated battery.

Personally, I’m not sure this is something I would need to own. However, it would be a really nice addition for rentals. Moving heavy carts on a summer's day is no fun, and I want to avoid being a sweaty mess in front of a client. Do you think it’s worth the cost to ease the pain of dragging carts around?

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