Check Out LiteGear’s New $26K All-In-One Overhead Light

LiteGear has announced the Auroris, a turnkey solution for overhead lighting.

A top light can be hard to achieve without the proper tools. While it saves a lot of time during shooting, rigging it all up can be a pain. Over the last decade, we’ve seen more advanced and lighter LED fixtures being utilized. Now, LiteGear is looking to make a top light even more compact and scalable.


  • Available in 10x10 ft and 5x10 ft sizes.
  • 2,000K - 11,000K.
  • Bi-color and RGB modes.
  • Fully controllable with DMX, wireless CRMX, and RDM.
  • Daisy-chained power.

Janusz Kamiński recently used LiteGear’s LiteTile in West Side Story. It’s no secret that LiteGear’s panels are loved by cinematographers. Nonetheless, $25,990 is a lot of cash to spend on a 10x10 top light. Is it worth it?

A single array of bi-color LiteTiles costs about $4,000, and it’s got a denser array of LEDs than the Auroris. So, if RGB light isn’t needed, then you may as well save the money. Alternatively, cheaper brands like Intellytech make some wonderful large LED arrays like this. Their Mega-LC only costs $1,800. You can watch my review of their smaller RGB panels here. My review essentially concludes that color accuracy is decent but not perfect. I’m not sure many professional sets would want the headache of matching an Intellytech panel to other sources.

I think this top light system will come in handy for small spaces that need a blanket of light. Booming a menace arm or rigging larger fixtures like SkyPanels adds a lot more bulk. While the price is eye-watering, I’m sure this all-in-one package will be perfect for rental houses.

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What exactly do you get for $26K. Panels. frame, diffusion panel... ?
If it's all of the above complete 10x10 set, I don't know that the price is bad.

wow, this one is amazing!