Creating a Virtual Studio With 3 TVs

You don’t have to spend big bucks to get a virtual wall these days. Bring your studio to life with just three televisions.

Epic Light Media is showing off their new virtual studio setup. Sometimes known as a “mixed-reality” studio, this is as much an elevated look as it is a time-saver. Thankfully, this version isn’t too much commitment.

Building a studio is always full of tough commitments. Do you stay plain and simple, in the name of flexibility? Or do you add custom rigging and set dressing? I think this virtual studio is a nice balance. It’s especially interesting that they’ve set it up for corporate interviews, something that always needs to look like it’s in the real world.

I also like how they’re using DaVinci Resolve. These TVs aren’t the most color accurate and probably aren’t calibrated. So, Resolve could help tweak the colors to make sure everything looks just right in camera.

If you need to upgrade, the virtual studio offerings are better than ever. There are kitted out studios in LA, New York, Miami, and more. These workflows are getting easier and easier for ad-hoc shooting as well. The production gets guided through the technical aspects as needed, leaving more time to spend with the client or director. For the most part, they are utilizing Unreal Engine 5 for real-time rendering.

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