Hack a GoPro Into a Multi-Lens Camera

If your dream camera doesn't exist, it might be time to craft one yourself. Here's how to hack a GoPro into a multi-use camera.

If you're dissatisfied with your current camera, there's a good chance it's harming your creative output. Enter Van Neistat, a digital filmmaking pioneer who liked many features of the GoPro 11 but found its ultra-wide lens a bit too wide for his taste. This led to the idea of modifying the GoPro to accommodate a variety of lenses, along with integrating a few additional accessories, to create a camera that perfectly suited his needs. He even gave his creation a personal touch with handmade Leica stickers.

The brilliance of this hack lies in the fact that many enthusiasts have customized their action cameras to support various lenses already. There are even companies that offer these pre-modified cameras, sparing you the intricate camera surgery involved. Neistat followed this route in the video, investing $888 in a modified GoPro capable of using C-mount lenses. The video goes on to show Neistat's incorporation of accessories like the Shinobi 5" Monitor and a GoPro Light Mod, along with his woodworking skills in crafting a custom base and handle.

I really love the spirit of this video and the numerous side-by-side comparisons showcasing the enhanced versatility of this revamped GoPro, a modification I had no idea was possible. While this action camera creation may not be for everyone, it is inspiring to see the possibilities out there. Neistat's whole setup includes three lenses and pushes the total build cost to a little over $3,000, which I do appreciate is not pocket change. Neistat even remarks that he could have bought the popular Sony a7 IV for a similar price. Having said all that, if you already have lenses and you're brave enough to modify the camera yourself, you could bring those costs down considerably. All that aside, this video serves as a good reminder of the importance of tailoring your camera setup to your specific needs. And if the perfect camera doesn't exist, you may just have to build it yourself.

What do you make of this GoPro hack? Would you ever consider building a custom camera yourself? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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The Leica stickers are ultimate cheese. The vanity of people today is absolutely staggering, this is very much like the guy who replaced all the Nissan badges on his Altima with Bentley...who is he fooling and why should he care?