Lomography's Cardboard Camera That Lets You Inject Liquid Into the Lens is Receiving Scathing Reviews

A photographer who experimented with the Lomomod No. 1 camera, the first ever medium format camera made from cardboard with a liquid lens, has claimed it’s the worst camera he has ever tested.

Despite being someone who often builds his own weird lenses, Mathieu Stern said constructing this cardboard camera from Lomography was no easy task. Two hours of assembly later, he found the back wouldn’t correctly fit on. Upon taking his first frame, Stern says he was met with confusion as to whether the photo had actually been taken or not.

The flimsy design caused reoccurring problems throughout; after just 10 minutes and 5 frames, the advancing wheel, also made of cardboard, broke. And he’s not the only one reporting these problems.

What’s fun about the Lomomod is that users can inject liquid into the lens in order to create different effects in-camera. And you’re not just restricted to water either – Stern used both peach juice and lemon juice in his experiment to create varying effects. However, this particular model may be a case of style over substance, as Stern concludes it is the worst camera he’s ever tried.

What do you make of the resulting photos?

All images used with permission of Mathieu Stern.

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Mark Wyatt's picture

Use whiskey- guaranteed to at least get a shot.

Benoit Pigeon's picture

Oh boy! love this on a Friday! Thanks

T Van's picture

At just $59 bucks it could be fun to play around with

Norris Thecat's picture

I'd rather spend the money on real film for a real camera. To each his own.

Alex Herbert's picture

If Matieu Stern could barely make it work, I'd say your average consumer has little to no chance. This man rebuilds antique lenses for god's sake. I can't imagine how bad the quality of the design for this thing is.

Deleted Account's picture

Seriously... if he has trouble I shudder to think what the average user is going to experience.

T Van's picture

I'm pretty sure your average consumer wouldn't ever even know this exists. I'd think this is something only photography gear geeks would ever consider. Guess I'm going to have to get one and do my own review. Love working on stuff and it looks like fun to me.
My second camera was a pin hole camera I built when I was 12.

Alex Herbert's picture

Even so, Stern is a God-tier gear geek. I wouldn't even bother purchasing it. Good luck to you though!

Deleted Account's picture

That's like $50 more than a secondhand Holga, though.

Adriano Brigante's picture

For $59, I'd rather buy ten Holgas, or ten box cameras, or ten old folding cameras, to play around with.

T Van's picture

They have lots of toy cameras on the site these are sold on. Might see something you like.

Adriano Brigante's picture

Thank you, but my four shelves are already completely full! I need to stop buying cameras! :)

Mike Ditz's picture

The photos look "cinematic"

Alex Herbert's picture

That'll be the 24fps frame rate and 'professional' LUT.

Peter Gargiulo's picture

Simple: No.

T Scarb's picture

does it have eye AF?

Rod Kestel's picture

Destined to become a classic. And if it doesn't work taking photos, at least you can store your shoes in it (small ones).

Lee Morris's picture

So artistic