Photographer Turns Everyday Items Into Film Cameras, and They Actually Work

Photographer Turns Everyday Items Into Film Cameras, and They Actually Work

So widely available is industry-standard photographic equipment these days, the sight of a camera in any form is an everyday occurrence. Less frequently spotted are the creations of one UK-based artist, who transforms everyday items — including food — into functioning film cameras.

Brendan Barry undergoes the painstaking process of turning mundane items into actual working cameras. Barry explores all sorts of camera styles, including pinhole, 35mm, and ultra-large format. He has so far made cameras from the likes of a watermelon, butternut squash, a shed, a loaf of bread, and even Lego.

His work centers on the transformation of different objects and environments into spaces “capable of viewing and capturing a photographic image, using the mechanics of photography as a tool for exploration and collaboration.”

Barry is the founder and director of Positive Light Projects, a non-profit that works with diverse audiences and emerging photographers to help empower their practice. As well as that, he also teaches at the Exeter School of Art.

You can see more of his work on his website, where he documents the process of building his cameras. Or if you prefer, find him on Instagram, where he tends to post a lot of the images taken with these unique cameras.

Images courtesy Brendan Barry, and used with permission.

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Adriano Brigante's picture

This dude is awesome. He recently created a camera out of the entire 46th floor of 101 Park Avenue, in Manhattan.

Rob Davis's picture

Any light-tight substance providing sufficient distance from the lens will do. Next stop, ass bellows.

Timothy Gasper's picture

Yes. Exactly. What's the point in all this? Ok...we know it can be done. Is it an invite for everyone to join in or just to be different? His point is made, now let's move on.

Ken Flanagan's picture

Yeah, the point is made, but one thing I would stress to you is that projects like this inspire people to try photography, and kids especially. We need more of this I think. It’s outside the box, and I think it’s fantastic.

Timothy Gasper's picture

Hence the statement...point has been made.

Ken Flanagan's picture

Please.... please do ass bellows. I don’t want to see it, I need to see it.

romain VERNEDE's picture

Already done by French Performer Eric Madeleine.

Ken Flanagan's picture

I love this. I hope it serves to inspire people to try photography. This dude is doing a fantastic job at making photography feel reachable for people who thought they would never try photography. Sometimes it’s just fun.