Capturing 20 Years of China Through Their Negatives

An interesting documentary that Emiland Guillerme filmed about collecting photographs from all over china and putting them together which you can see at 9:45 in the film. "Beijing Silvermine is a unique photographic portrait of the capital and the life of its inhabitants following the Cultural Revolution. It covers a period of 20 years, from 1985, namely when silver film started being used massively in China, to 2005, when digital photography started taking over. These 20 years are those of China's economic opening, when people started prospering, travelling, consuming, having fun."

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great find Thomas!

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What I really found interesting and noticed myself a while ago is the uniformity of how people take pictures of the same motive.

Maybe he can find the moment in time when Chinese people started to use the victory sign on almost every picture. It was so hard sometimes in Asia to get people in front of the camera not doing it. As soon as they realized that there was a camera pointed at them. Boom. V. Thank god I was quick enough to avoid it most of the time.

Good find!