Jerry And Maggie: This Is Not Photography

If you don't know Jerry Uelsmann or Maggie Taylor you should. Jerry creates works of art blending multiple photos together using enlargers while Maggie uses a scanner to create her art. All of jerry's work is shot on film and processed and manipulated in the darkroom which truly makes his work so unique. Being husband and wife these two are some of the biggest names in the modern art world. This documentary tells Jerry and Maggie's story of how they became artists and the impact of their work in photography.

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Very inspirational!

-- Joe
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When am I gonna find my Maggie... :(

True artists complementing each other in life and art. Wao!

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Jerry is one of my photographic heroes. Beautiful documentary.

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This is truly amazing!

I've followed Jerry Uelsmann for almost 30 years. I have always called him...The Magritte of photography. I have been in the darkroom and what he does is incredibly tedious and difficult. 

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I work at the Polk Museum of Art in Lakeland, Florida and we are having a show of Maggie's work from January 19th - April 20th. A few years ago we had a show of Jerry's work too. Both are incredible artists. I have to frame over 30 of her photos in the next month to get ready for the show. It should be great.