13-Year-Old Entrepreneur Earns $7,000 a Year With Drone Photography Business

13-Year-Old Entrepreneur Earns $7,000 a Year With Drone Photography Business

Most of us had jobs as teenagers to make a bit of extra pocket money. Paper rounds and stacking shelves were the usual, but one 13-year-old has been making headlines for the past year, as he netted over $7,000 working as a drone photographer.

Despite his young age, Hudson Horne is turning his passion for drones into a business. His mother, Peta, recalled to the Sunshine Coast Daily the time his fascination with drones began developing when he was just seven. Initially dismissing it as a phase, she said: "and then, one day, he sold all of his toys and anything in his room, because he so desperately wanted to buy his first drone."

Horne said:

When I bought my first drone, I was so nervous about using it, because I didn't want to crash it. But it makes me really happy, and I'd like to travel with my business when I get older.

Things continued to snowball, and it wasn’t long before he started his business, Next Level Lens. He works for real estate agencies, covers weddings and events, and even takes jobs such as checking the whirlybirds on roofs.

And his $7,000 earnings ($15,000 in his native Sunshine Coast, Australia) could just be the tip of the iceberg, as he was recently named 2017’s Sunshine Coast's Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

Lead image credit: Jared Brashier on Unsplash.

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Ariel Martini's picture

$600/month? Ok for a 13 year old maybe that's a lot but anyways...

Chip Kalback's picture

He’s 13 and he’s making money doing something he enjoys with some fun technology -- that’s awesome, be stoked for him.

Ariel Martini's picture

I don't care about the kid, i'm just criticizing the relevance of this subject

It is relevant and interesting because of the fact the boy is only 13. That’s the whole point.

Ryan Cooper's picture

It also depends how much work he does per month. If the kid is in school full time, extracurriculars, homework, and friends then $600 per month is nothing to sneer at as I can’t imagine he is doing more than 20-30h per month. Which means he is a 13 year old doing better than $20/hour. Thats really good for his age.

michaeljin's picture

How much money were you making at 13 years old?

David Pavlich's picture

I had a paper route. :-)

im sure hes doing better then someone else who was 13 and posts comments like:
"$600/month? Ok for a 13 year old maybe that's a lot but anyways..."

Ariel Martini's picture

Do you really need to personally attack me? This makes you feel better?

Deleted Account's picture

Better than sitting on his backside watching people play video games on youtube! Good on ya mate!

In other top headlines: area high school student earns $6893 a year part-timing at Burger King.

Randy Charrette's picture

That's really great to see. Here in the USA that is not an option. I have a 13yr old Son who flies my Mavic Pro incredibly well and takes good photo's. Unfortunately he is to young to take the Part 107 exam (I looked it up last year) which means he can't do commercial work. Again, well done to this kid for getting out there, pursuing his passion and making some money. That should be everyones goal, get paid to do what you love.

In Australia, IIRC any drone under 2kg (4.4pds) you don't need a licence to do commercial work.

I have a question what kind of drone did he have?

Not sure what the laws are in that country, but in the US, it is illegal to fly commercially under age 16. You can't get FAA Part 107 until 16 years old. Not sure if it is different in Australia.

Yes, it's different in Australia. Your comment is completely irrelevant.

Johnny Rico's picture

"And his $7,000 earnings ($15,000 in his native Sunshine Coast, Australia) " what does this mean?

It's referring to the fact that there's an exchange rate - US$ vs AUS$

You didn’t understand that it’s because of the exchange rate?

Johnny Rico's picture

I was thinking it was due to some 50% tax rate. I still think it was poorly worded, including usd or aud would have made it clear.

EDIT: even looking up the exchange rate to figure out what the currency for Australia was shows that it's a 1.4 exchange rate to USD. That sentence is confusing as all get out.