Drone Pilot Lands on Britain's Largest Warship Completely Unnoticed

Drone Pilot Lands on Britain's Largest Warship Completely Unnoticed

Despite being a multi-billion-dollar, state-of-the-art warship, the HMS Queen Elizabeth was recently visited by a visitor that went completely undetected by those aboard: a consumer drone.

The drone pilot said he was "amazed" that he was able to fly the drone past armed patrol boats (he noted police on the smaller crafts did wave at the drone) and land it on the deck of the carrier, where it went undetected. The pilot, who is currently unnamed, said he landed on the carrier after receiving a high wind warning from his controller while flying over the ship. When he attempted to mention the security issue to crew members later on, he was told the ship was mostly empty as most of its crew was on shore, but that his message would be passed along appropriately. The pilot also mentioned that he felt the only law he broke was flying over a ship of which he was not in control and that he had no intention of raising alarm. Nonetheless, the incident has caused serious apprehension among experts, as it demonstrates that those with ill intent could use normal consumer drones to attack such ships in similar fashion. As such, security has been increased, and talks of increased punishment for such infractions have begun.

[via The Telegraph]

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Why would you fly near a warship in first place? There are two stupid things with drones you can do a) actual stupid and dangerous things and b) headline-test stupid things.

This was certainly one of the latter. No one actually believes that flying with a Phantom over a warship or a nuclear power plant will do any significant damage during a crash. However the media echo will lead to more restrictions. Thank you very much for that!

Not sure what his point was for doing this then trying to become some hero after.
He clearly knows he was indeed attempting to do something he should not.
It is however clear, he is reckless and should have his toy taken away from him and sent to bed without cookies or tele early.

I don't see what all the fuzz is about. Yes they argue that someone with ill intensions could carry explosives and attack it, but how much damage do you think you can do with the payload on a Phantom or an Inspire for that matter. Almost none.

Good luck to you 😀

Depends if you can set off the cordite as it's a RN ship.

The drone pilot should be awarded the Victoria Cross...he did the British Navy a great service, reminding them how vulnerable such a huge floating airport really is, unless the Brits intend to have HMS Queen Elizabeth idling inside Scapa Flow, this collosal floating pot will always be an easy target.

Did it even happen? No footage, no photos. Smells like bullshit to me...