An Incredible Compilation of Drone Shots From All Over the Globe

Drone shots have got more intricate and more complex as the years go on, and this compilation by Sam Kølder is one of the best examples of that.

Kølder is one of those people you just want to hate. He's young, handsome, has built himself a great business, and travels the world creating images and videos. But you just can't — or, well, I can't — because he's simply excellent at what he does. His drone shots always have so much dynamism and atmosphere that it's mesmeric.

I'm not one for following "influencers" as they traverse the planet exuding sponsored content, but Kølder​​​​​​​ doesn't do that and instead gives you captivating glimpses into desirable destinations with skillful drone piloting. Travel videos taken with drones has become a busy and saturated space with stricter legislation reflecting that, so it's all the more impressive when somebody continues to dominate the area.

What are your favorite drone videos from 2019?

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