Inspiring Light Painting Ideas for Photographers With Drones

Light painting is something many of us photographers will have done at some point in our lives. Question is, have you ever tried doing it with a drone? Take your light painting to the next level quite literally with these inspiring ideas.

There is something quite magical about light painting that still fascinates me today. The fact you never really know what you have captured until long after the shutter has clicked reminds me of the excited yet nervous anticipation I felt when shooting on film. With advancements in technology we now have cameras that are much better suited to shooting long exposures at night. Combine this with super bright and affordable LEDs available, and you really do have a great opportunity to make impressive light painted images in 2020.

If things weren't already favorable enough for light painting photographers, we now have drones that can take things up a level. This is exactly what the team over at Corridor Crew does this week in their latest video. By 3D printing mounts to go on a racing drone they are able to attach some LED lights directly to the device's body and fly the lights in all kinds of interesting shapes. This really is the key difference to regular light painting that you may have seen before. With the help of a drone, you can take light to places you would never be able to by hand.

For those who have never tried light painting before, this video details exactly how to try it yourself. You don't even need a drone to get started. The light on your phone plus a camera set on a steady surface is enough to get things going. The video ends when the team visits a dam at night to see what kinds of amazing images they can make. It's great to see how the different photographers present on the shoot interpret the light painting in their final images. I haven't done any light painting for a while but this video really has got me excited to try to do some soon. I'd love to see what colored or flashing lights could add to the mix while using a drone or two at the same time.

The team over at Corridor Crew has kindly posted the full resolution images made from the shoot here if you'd' like take a closer look at what they were able to make

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