Photo of DJI Mavic Pro 2 Leaks Ahead of DJI's 'Bigger Picture' Event [Rumor]

Photo of DJI Mavic Pro 2 Leaks Ahead of DJI's 'Bigger Picture' Event [Rumor]

DroneDJ broke news of what could be the first photo of the upcoming DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone. While the NYC DJI Launch Event was announced as being postponed from the original July 18, this leak gives many drone fans a possible glimpse into what the brand has been working on.

While no original source at the moment, and no confirmation from DJI on the authenticity of the image of the drone below, let’s take a deeper look into what these new products have to offer.

The Mavic Pro 2, based on the leaked photo, looks a bit sleeker than the Mavic Pro. All other stylistic and mechanics of the drone remain most similar to its predecessor than the more recent Mavic Air. It looks like the camera and gimbal are built similarly to the Mavic Air, but it also looks as if the camera may be replaceable. There also seems to be a larger sensor on the drone on the left, whereas the one to the right has a slightly larger one. This would definitely be in line with DJI’s campaign “Bigger Picture.” 

More key features of the Mavic Pro 2 seem to look like a removable gimbal, larger motor, quieter propellers, and avoidance sensors. Other rumors about the upcoming release include an optical zoom lens. 

With the recent leak of this image and the postponing of the “Bigger Picture” NYC event, I wonder what’s going on at the DJI office? Will they push the release back or drop the news Beyoncé style?

What do you think about the potential Mavic Pro 2 features? Let us know below.

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Getting a little excited to see what this drone is gonna be about. Mavic Pro is still to this day my favorite

I'm more intrigued by the robot looking thing to the left (behind the woman's hand) with what looks like Mecanum wheels

I hope they fixed the issue with the flex ribbon cable in the camera/gimbal... nerve-wracking replacing that part!

On the left side of the second picture, it's look like the gimbal is a mini osmo style stick with a dedicated record button... 2 Camera in one? (as GoPro was hoping to do)

I agree it totally looks like the solution GoPro had for the Karma drone, a detachable camera with gimbal, that was the coolest feature of that drone, in my opinion

There’s a rumor that this picture may actually be of the real rumored unit pictured on the website specialized in rumors that are ... just that.