This 'UFO' Video Was Created by Strapping an LED to a Drone

This 'UFO' Video Was Created by Strapping an LED to a Drone

In this newly released video, London-based photographer and film director Oliver Astrologo decided to test out the effects of attaching an LED light to a spinning drone.

In his own words, he loves to experiment with new technology in order to create different visual effects on video. Attributing “affordable and intelligent consumer drones” as one of the reasons his investigation is possible, he mounted an LED to his DJI Mavic in order to create the effect.

A frequent traveler, Astrologo largely focuses on “revealing locations and stories about people,” but often decides to try something different purely for the fun factor. The shoot lasted a few hours, with a workflow that he describes as being relatively straightforward. The majority of his efforts went into setting up the drone and trying to get a perfect circle, the latter of which was achieved via GPS and the Orbit feature of the DJI App. That being said, it took several attempts before he was happy with the outcome.

The light patterns created alternate between a full 360-degree circle and dotted, circular light blips. He then synced the footage with a soundtrack and posted it online.

You can also see more of his work at InstagramVimeo, and Facebook.

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