A Beautiful Drone-lapse Video of Mexico City

As the country just broke the record of the longest government shutdown in history because of the tiny fence in the desert, a talented drone pilot located south of border elevated the question with a beautiful aerial time-lapse of the most populated city in North America.

Shortly after discovering the Americas, an unknown Spaniard decided to invade Tenochtitlan, the capital of the Aztec empire. Long before European settlers hit the shore of New England, Mexico City become the center of the Spanish empire in the Americas with a bustling cultural and commercial activity. Today, Mexico remains one the most important city in Latin America and Tarsicio Sañudo produced an interesting drone-lapse video that captures the most iconic landmarks of his hometown such as the old colonial town (Zócalo), the cathedral, and the Chapultepec Park. The video also shows the suburb of the city and the financial district filled with skyscrapers. One of the shots captured the eruption of the 18,500 feet Popocatepetl volcano that occurred last December.

In terms of production, Mr. Sañudo used a DJI Mavic 2 Pro to record thousands of DNG raw images before assembling them in post-production to create the time-lapse sequences. It took him several months of hard work the finish this project. Stabilizing the sequence is the biggest challenge but the result looks great. Fortunately, the Mavic 2 Pro comes with a hyperlapse feature where the pilot can easily set waypoints or keyframes before launching the aerial time-lapse trajectory. The drone will automatically follow the waypoints and shoot images with the desired interval.

You can follow Tarsicio Sañudo’s work on his website and Instagram account.

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David Carrico's picture

what a massive city! awesome work

Deleted Account's picture

Giving a short history lesson on Mexico City, it's a shame you didn't mention Lake Texcoco. I must have missed something but what question did he elevate and how does the video relate to it?

Martin Smith's picture

Follow the link to YouTube and there's a whole video description about what he intended to do.

Todd Provancher's picture

Could have done without the SJW introduction, a lot of photographers come here for photography news not to be slapped in the face with your version of reality. I go to other sites for my political commentary, thank you.

Jonathan Walmer's picture

This is the way they push an agenda, unfortunately.

Alastair Slade's picture

Interesting work.

Duane Klipping's picture

I enjoyed the clip but fail to see how that relates to your personal views on the shutdown and the wall/fence.

Robb Castro's picture

totally agree, could have done without the intro in my opinion.

Jonathan Walmer's picture

Yeah, definitely

Eduardo Cervantes's picture

Jaw dropping!

Stas Aleksandersson's picture

As many photographers anticipate the new Sony camera, the government continues...- how’s that for a start to a political news article?
Maybe you should show this video to trump and tell him what talented people live there, he may not build the wall after all.