5 Tips to Make Your Photo Edits Stronger

Editing can be tough, but these five simple tips will help you make your photo edits stronger.

Coming to us from James Popsys, he has brought us five fantastic tips to make your edits better! I definitely have my favorite tip, however, and that is actually the first tip, which essentially says that you should really separate editing photos from assessing photos, which is something I know I have difficulty with. With raw converters like Lightroom, Capture One, Darktable, etc., it can be difficult to separate the culling process from the editing process, especially when you are excited about the shoot. But as James points out, slowing down and really taking notes on your shots can really help you improve as a photographer. Spending time to really figure out what you do and don't like about the shots will help you make sure you get the absolute best shots out of a shoot day. You will be surprised how much you can improve as a photographer by taking the time to separate cataloging and editing; spend that time to really look at why a photo is being rejected or accepted in the culling process. 

There are four other fantastic tips in the video, and I highly reccommend you give it a watch! Let me know what you think of the tips in the comments below!

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I saw your comment before opening the video. I was like what a weird comment. Then I started the video and then I LOL'ed ;-)

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