5 Tips for Trying out Macro Photography at Home

If you are currently stuck at home and looking for something to shoot, macro photography can open up a world of possibilities all around your house. This great video will give you five tips to get started.

Coming to you from Kai W, this helpful video will get you started with macro photography at home. The great thing about macro photography is that there is an entire world of subjects probably within arm's reach of you even right now, making it the perfect genre to try if you are currently stuck at home and looking for something to photograph to keep your skills and creativity sharp. One thing I love about macro work is that there is such a wide range in terms of how abstract you can be. Whether you want to show a recognizable extreme close-up or just the beauty of an abstract pattern, you can easily find your creative sweet spot. Take five minutes to gather a few objects with interesting textures or patterns, and grab your lens and get shooting! It is a fun way to spend an afternoon. Check out the video above for the full rundown.

And if you want to continue to learn about macro photography, be sure to check out "Mastering Macro Photography: The Complete Shooting and Editing Tutorial With Andres Moline!"

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Yanis Ourabah's picture

Ok so his tip #1 for macro photography is : "get a macro lens"!
Other tip : go outside to get more light!