7 Tips to Make You More Productive When Working at Home

Many of us are working at home much more nowadays, and when we are in the same environment in which we live, it can be tricky to stay productive and get done what we need to. If you are struggling with this a bit, this helpful video discusses seven tips that will make you more productive when working at home. 

Coming to you from John Branch IV Photography, this great video discusses seven ways to improve your productivity when you are working at home. I have written before about six non-photography items that make my work-life easier and more enjoyable, but when it comes to ensuring greater productivity, the biggest thing that helped me was taking care to create a space free from distractions — one that had distinct boundaries from the rest of my living space. This does not mean you have to dedicate an entire room in your home to only work, though. For example, my workspace is in a quiet corner of a room I do not use much and where I do not have any personal items and am less likely to be easily distracted. Check out the video above for the full rundown. 

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Don Althaus's picture

Some good tips here - one of the first things I did when working at home was to set out a daily agenda of things I would work on and what I wanted to accomplish for each agenda item. Then I would break down each agenda item into achievable steps - it really was just setting goals and objectives for the day. After you get used to doing a daily agenda it can be done fairly quickly either in the morning or, if I was really organized, the night before . Of course there were the interruptions and then the interruptions of the interruptions but at least I knew where to come back to in your schedule.