Capturing Wellness: Photography and Mental Health

In today's fast-paced and digitized world, finding solace and maintaining good mental health has become crucial. There are many ways one can find an escape from it all, and one of those is the powerful ally of photography. Beyond being a mere hobby or artistic expression, photography can have numerous benefits for mental well-being. Engaging with photography can have a positive impact on a person's state of mind, providing them with a creative outlet, promoting mindfulness, fostering self-expression, and connecting them with their surroundings. 

Today's world seems to be growing louder and moving faster. It's easy to fall into the trap of the daily routines that, at times, sees us forgetting what we enjoy. There's now this mindset of hustling. Thanks to numerous social media types, the idea of "work, work" is glorified, with one's mental health being sacrificed. Hard work is something we need to do in order to live the life we seek. But at what cost?

Oh, that cost is what makes you who you are if you're not careful. You're a photographer. You picked up a camera because it's something you enjoy. It's something that grounds you. It's something that gives you a voice. Does life get in the way sometimes? Yes. But that doesn't mean you should give up on what you find peace in. Photographer Lucy Lumen goes on to discuss the benefits of photography being that much-needed positive influence on your life. She goes on to talk about how photography offers you the ability to be creative, cutting down on consumption of content, exercising as you walk around with your camera out in the world, belonging to a community, and the ability to practice mindfulness. 

These concepts are easy to write down or talk about. However, putting it into practice isn't always so easy. We're all on our own journey, so maybe going out and making photographs, even one meaningful photograph, can be that first step towards that light at the end of the tunnel. Speaking for myself, photography offers me a chance to silence the noise in my life. For me, it's therapeutic. 

Through the act of capturing images, individuals can find solace, express themselves creatively, and cultivate mindfulness. Whether it is through a professional camera or a smartphone, photography is a versatile tool that has the potential to transform lives and nurture mental well-being. So, keep picking up a camera and embark on a journey of self-discovery, connection, and healing. Remember, we all have a finite amount of trips around the Sun. Life gets difficult. Life gets stressful. But make time for yourself. Pick up that camera, and go have some fun. 

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Michael is an amateur photographer currently living in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. A Long Islander by birth, he learned how to see with a camera along the shores of the island that he will forever call home.

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