Five Tips for Taking Sharper Photos

Do you struggle with taking sharp photos consistently? Here are five tips for improving your photography technique to prevent blurry images.

One of the most difficult challenges I had when I began as a photographer was getting my photos in focus consistently. What I finally realized was that I was relying too much on my camera to get the photo in focus and not applying the proper technique it took to hold my camera steady and prevent shake. I spent a couple of days working on things like establishing a solid base, keeping my arms tucked into my sides, and taking my time when capturing an image. That was the moment my photography significantly improved, and it has made all the difference in my career as a wedding photographer.

This is one of the tips taught by Craig Beckta in his video on improving the sharpness of your photos. Several issues could be causing your photos to be out of focus, and here, Beckta covers a handful of them. I will add that if you are a new photographer who struggles with this issue, then the most likely cause is that your camera’s shutter speed is too slow. If you are an experienced photographer, then you might want to look into calibrating your lenses. Either way, it is worth it to watch Beckta’s video above to improve this essential area of your craft.

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Levi Keplar is not Craig Beckta.... Just a heads up...

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regarding reading reviews from bh/adorama. only take those reviews who are verified buyers seriously.

anyone can write a review who doesnt own the gear. like a competitor or someone who doesnt like that brand.

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"Forward/Aft." You're a sailor, no? Maybe navy?

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Hi David, I spent 20 years in the Airforce but I was attach posted to a ship for two years.

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That would explain it!