How Introverts Can Become Great at Promoting Their Work

In the competitive world, marketing one's work is very crucial to the success of every photographer and professional. And if you are an introvert, it might look like one uphill task, but not when you understand the knacks to build confidence.  

This video from Chase Jarvis discusses how introverts can become great in promoting their self, skills, and services. I guess we all have it in us, that initial hesitation to make the move to talk to someone in a photography conference, workshop, party, or any convention. For people who get to keep it to themselves a lot and fall under the tagline of introverts, well it is even more complicated to go beyond the wall and make a conversation. But the good news is this ability to make a conversation with anyone at any time comes in as a skill regardless of whatever type of personality you are. 

Often we get confused that we just aren't naturally wired to do this. We say to ourselves we just aren't mean to do the marketing bit aloud and settle with that constraint. For photographers of this generation, heading out and making connections are important as ever to create and sell great work. In the video, Chase Jarvis from his experience shares his thoughts on how simple things like breaking-the-ice technique, the importance of listening to the other person, the art of asking relevant questions to build a conversation, and so on help us overcome. We are often obsessed with the gear and techniques that we forget to pay attention to the life skills that make us better photographers and professionals any day. Ultimately, it all begins with the person that you are and everything else falls into place. Watch the video for a full run of thoughts. 

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Jen Photographs's picture

As a double whammy combo of deaf and introvert, I'm happy to say I'm already master at the triple nod and smile. I actually refer it to the "nod and smile (and pray that they don't notice I have no clue what they've been saying)" tactic.

GI PAMPERIEN's picture

you are a dip s___ but this is actually good... next time cut at the end of the really good info and leave the dribble to the dip s____s....

Gabrielle Colton's picture

This is great. I used to be SO shy and reserved, pursuing photography is the only thing that finally brought me out of my shell