Want to Know a Secret That Will Make You a Better Photographer?

Every photographer wants to be better. What if I told you there is one secret that will unleash your potential and make you exponentially effective in what you do? This video takes a dig at a point that certainly needs to be known by every photographer who wants to make it big. 

Coming from Chase Jarvis, the video opens up with a little curiosity about the dirty secret, and he eventually comes to the topic of "How to get the inspiration to do amazing things in photography?" Of course, an inspired mind is a tank full of ideas ready to flow. But how do we stay constantly inspired and do amazing things? The secret is that the inspiration comes not just from intense focus and experimentation in photography but a free-minded, holistic approach to all the fields of life. For instance, if you are a wedding photographer, it is not just about attending wedding conferences, doing photo walks, watching tutorials, reading technical advice and so on. What is more important is to be constantly inspired by people and practices outside the photography industry. I think it truly helps. In my personal experience too, I have noticed a wave of energy when I travel for a while and return to my routine schedule of shooting weddings. My perspectives are wider and my approach becomes all new too. Likewise, no matter what genre of photography it is, the inspiration can come from nature, temples, wildlife, food or any field of passion that has your interest. Only when you go beyond photography and seek inspiration from different avenues, you will get new and fresh perspectives enabling you to create seamless work that stands out. Give the video a watch for the full rundown. 

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Dave Kavanagh's picture

I like Chase Jarvis as a photographer but he's mad for his click bait video/article titles.

Expat Photographer's picture

Yeah, it's pretty bad.

stir photos's picture

This is the second video (and I don't remember the first one), but yeah, i guess i've never seen his actual photography- could be cool, thx for the reminder.

Johnny Rico's picture

I pretty much stopped listening when he said he invented the BTS videos. The ego on this one.

stir photos's picture

Well summarized Amar, good synopsis. Thanks for sharing! Yeah, I get it... I dunno, but my interpretation (and take away is) that it's sort of just whatever you're into outside of photography. I guess i sorta mean that people don't really need to necessarily be inspired by some other industry, but whatever they're into or their surroundings or whatever, getting a sense of what makes that tick and bring your photography along with you for the ride.

I desperately wanted Chase to be "my guy" - in terms of podcasts, influence, inspiration, advice....as a fellow photographer. but....I can't tell you what I've learned from him. And not from lack of trying. He made the mistake recently of releasing a podcast of himself and Gary Veynurchuk on stage together. The contrast between the two is..... staggering.

Elan Govan's picture

I am sure Chase Jarvis is a Class Act, but unfortunately, listening to him here, I was befuddled with his vision. My bias is, I enjoyed listening to Peter Hurley, Karl Taylor etc for their ability to convey a photographic message with humor, and still share valid information about their craft as a professional photographer.

William Howell's picture

Yeah I signed on to karl’s Channel, best 15 bucks a month I’ve ever spent. The guy knows his trade and craft.

Here is the real secret STOP READING THIS CRAP and go out and shoot. Don't be Chase Jarvis, Scott Kelby or anyone else BE You and shot

Gabrielle Colton's picture

Balance my friend, reading "this stuff"and then actually using it is key! I would not be where I am though if it weren't for reading and watching this stuff :)