How One Photographer Set Up a Very Small Studio Space

For a hobbyist or someone just starting out, the cost of renting your own studio space can simply be too much or something not yet justified by the amount of time you spend on photography. This great video shows how one photographer made a studio space out of a small room in his New York apartment.

Coming to you from Jeff Rojas, this great video shows how he turned a 6-by-10-foot room in his apartment into a studio. It can be easy to think that you need a lot of space for a studio, and while that's true in certain cases that depend on what and how you shoot, you can accomplish a lot than you might think in a space that's just the size of a typical college dorm room. If you have a spare room in your house or apartment, I recommend following Rojas' model. Having a workspace available to you 24/7 is very freeing creatively and allows you to shoot and experiment at your leisure without time or financial pressures. However, if you decide to also do client work from your home, I recommend speaking to your insurance company first and carefully considering the ramifications of bringing strangers into your house or apartment. Have fun and be safe! 

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Definitely works. After looking at one of your recent photographs, I'm glad I found some background to the space you used to shoot it.

Jeff Rojas's picture

Thanks so much! It took me a while to feel confident shooting in such a small space, but I make it work. :)

Studio 403's picture

Good post. Me too, My set up is in my apartment. My space is a big larger. The way you set up, I mightn’ move my backdrop to side wall to have side light . Thanks FS

Jeff Rojas's picture

Thanks for taking the time to watch and to write. I look forward to seeing what you capture in your space. :)

Jeff Rojas's picture

Thanks so much for the share Alex! :)

Spy Black's picture

Pretty cool, I have a similar-sized area in my kitchen, although full body shots are tight unless I use a wide angle lens, which I generally prefer not to use like that.

I've only done tabletop out of my apartment so far. I sometimes shoot fashion but that would be impossible in my space with hair and/or makeup and/or wardrobe people plus model(s). We'd be on top of each other LOL!

Jeff Rojas's picture

lol that's us in my apartment.

Stuart Brill's picture

Jeff, I like the relaxed, considered presentation of your videos, there's nothing worse than being shouted at on YouTube!

Kine H's picture

Awesome tutorial, thanks for sharing :)