Podcast: I Explain My Keys To Success For Evolving As A Photographer & Creative

Podcast: I Explain My Keys To Success For Evolving As A Photographer & Creative

Last week I had the pleasure and honor to be interviewed by Clarke Scott whose podcast, Hack The Creative, is a weekly series that dives into the habits, fears, inner-battles, and keys to success from his guests who are creatives from all over the industry. We discussed a wide array of topics including my backstory and career path; practices I use today to sustain and grow my career, as well as what my aspirations as a creative are going forward. I go completely unfiltered and bare all for all of you to listen to as Scott "hacked" me.

I’ll brush over a few topics we discussed in our sit down, but make sure to listen as we go very in depth on the following topics on our podcast.

The podcast can be found here | iTunes

Accepting Yourself Opposed To Convincing Yourself

I’ll never forget in 3rd grade, my art teacher (ironically) asked the whole class, “What is your talent?” I remember a few kids answered that were more athletic or academically above average in our class. But I remember myself not having a single clue what my "talent" was.

Growing up in Florida, we fished all the time and I would always take photos of sunsets, our catch, or whatever caught my eye. I’d put videos together of our trips in Windows Movie Maker. I remember as a teenager I was always drawn to digital art, whether it’d be video, photos, or graphic design. It’s something that evolved organically over time, I didn’t wake up one day and decide to do this.

The point I’m trying to drive home here is that instead of convincing yourself that you’re something, be true to yourself. Embrace your strengths, accept your weaknesses, and do your best.

Patience Is Paramount

I can’t emphasize this enough, be patient with your creativity, your skills, and your craft. I see so many photographers rush into declaring themselves into a business to legitimatize themselves, that it can actually stunt their growth as a creative. It is okay to be an amateur or aspiring photographer. It is okay!

Live Life Writing In Pencil, Not Pen

I am a creative. It is who I am. Photography is my passion, but I’ve found out overtime that it is not my end goal in my young career. I am 25 years old, since I was 18 years old, I’ve wanted to be anything from a Certified Public Accountant to a Professional Photographer. Life changes and people evolve. I’ve found that becoming a Creative Director is something I aspire to be. Live life writing in pencil, not pen.

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Great podcast Nick! I too have been focusing on my craft while not trying to jump into the business right away. How did you know when you were at a point to switch gears and start producing an income? Also without flexing the business muscles from the beginning, I feel way lost on that end and much more confident on the art side. So any good resources/advice on the business side once you get to a good starting place?