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Think Fast: What It's Like To Be A Formula 1 Photographer

Some of the highest performing cars, up close and personal. Formula 1 recently released a video to give us a track-side glimpse of what it's like to photograph these cars week-in and week out. Photographer Vladimir Rys was also kind of enough to share some of his images to help illustrate what they capture.

John Mayer Explains Why Photographers Shouldn't Give Out Raw Files to Clients

Okay, okay, maybe he did not exactly say that verbatim. But after watching this snippet from an interview from Complex with musician John Mayer and fashion designer Jerry Lorenzo, you'll see immediately that his analogy aligns what we go through as photographers throughout the creative process.

The Most Iconic Photos from the 2018 FIFA World Cup

In case you missed it, don't worry, we have compiled some of the best moments of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Since its kickoff on June 14, this has been one of the more memorable World Cups in recent history. There have been so many iconic moments, drama-filled events, and even social barriers overcome. Compiling all these moments into one article can't do it justice.

Behind the Scenes of My Nike-Inspired World Cup Photoshoot

Every four years during the summer, the sports world pauses to draw its attention to the top echelon of professional football. I decided to put together a World Cup inspired shoot, shoot some concepts I haven't done before, and give you a behind-the-scenes, education glimpse.

Three Easy Hacks to Help Make Your Still Life Photography Stand Out

Still life photography is usually thought to be simple and easy at first. But you'll quickly find out that arranging and composing your objects properly is crucial to making an image go from mediocre to great. Here are some easy guidelines to follow to get you there.

Has Instagram Ruined Landscape and Travel Photography as We Know It?

It's a question that I'm sure has snuck into every photographer's mind, even outside of the landscape and travel genre. It's something I've personally been thinking deeply about, so much so, that I'm working on my own personal original article regarding this topic.

How To Create A Two-Light Setup Using 100% Natural Light

Yes, you read that correctly. A two-light setup (one key-light, one back-light) using nothing but natural light. No bounce, no reflectors, nothing. With just you, your subject, and a little knowledge, you can create stunning imagery with even more depth using your surroundings to your advantage. So are you ready? Let's go!

Instagram Pods: Why You Should or Shouldn’t Join One [Instagram Tips: Part 4]

When people come together to help each other, good things happen. This idea is what spurned one of the more popular trends on Instagram called “pods.” Instagram pods are used to help beat the algorithm that so many users despise. I decided to join one and give it a try recently, not only to test it out, but also to share my thoughts regarding this trend and why you should or shouldn’t get involved in one.

Is This the Most Versatile LED Light on the Market?

Recently, Spiffy Gear had released a very unique-looking light named Spekular. What caught my attention was its ability to combine, shape, and separate one single "light" in so many different ways. From my perspective, having the variety of options for on-the-go shooting held value. I ended up taking the LED light kit for a spin. There were some aspects I liked and some that could use some improvements. Let's dive in.

Has Modern Technology Negatively Impacted Our Lives? Composite Photographer Illustrates How

One of the biggest challenges society faces today is modern technology. It's a double-edged sword that if not handled properly, can quickly become a problem where human-to-human interaction digresses. Photographer Andreas Varro believes this is a problem that needs attention, and he sought out to bring awareness to this issue the best way he knows how.

A Photographer's Nightmare: Hard Drive Failure Is Not a Joke, Back Up Your Photos

The day I’ve been preparing for arrived unexpectedly this past Saturday as I went to my Mac to export photos for a client, just like it was any other day. But I quickly found out it wasn’t going to be like other days when I found my photo and video files had disappeared from my Lightroom catalog.

Spiffy Gear Introduces a Unique, All-Around LED Lighting Solution for Photo and Video

With its increasing popularity, photographers and videographers alike have begun to entertain LED lighting as a possible option for their shoots. Spiffy Gear believes they now have that solution, and it's called Spekular. Touted as the "Swiss army knife" to a creative's needs, they introduced their new product as the solution to make videographer and photographer's lives easier.

Fstoppers Reviews the DJI OSMO+: The Most Versatile Camera on the Market?

It's been the nuisance of the modern, technological era: shaky video. Shaky video not only is annoying, but the fix is usually expensive, bulky, and not too practical — until recently. DJI, one of the most innovate companies going right now has the answer to that problem, at a consumer price. It’s called the DJI OSMO.

Atlanta Stadium Debuts Its Roof That Opens and Closes Like a Camera Lens' Aperture

When Atlanta and their NFL franchise announced that they will be breaking ground to a new stadium, they wanted to shoot for the stars and redefine the benchmark. After nine years of planning and constructing the new stadium, Atlanta last night debuted their first big game at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. While it's a magnificent piece of architecture, one feature in particular catches the photographer's eye more than others. Let's take a look!

My Entire Portfolio Was Built Using Only One Lens, Can You Guess Which One?

It is possible. I'm not here writing this to beat you in the head with an “it's not the gear” rant; we can all agree that take is a bit redundant after awhile. But with that said, it still holds very true. What I'm here writing to share is why I decided to use one lens, which one I used, how I use it, and most importantly, how you can too. I built my entire portfolio using one lens and one lens only. Before you read on, can you guess which lens by looking at the photos below?