Spiffy Gear Introduces a Unique, All-Around LED Lighting Solution for Photo and Video

With its increasing popularity, photographers and videographers alike have begun to entertain LED lighting as a possible option for their shoots. Spiffy Gear believes they now have that solution, and it's called Spekular. Touted as the "Swiss army knife" to a creative's needs, they introduced their new product as the solution to make videographer and photographer's lives easier. 

Spekular is a modular LED lighting system that is a collection of adjustable and connectable light bars. The lighting system reduces the number of accessories needed to create multiple and unique lighting setups.

The connectable bars allow users to utilize the very bright and color accurate lights creatively to their own liking. There is a multitude of setups that all give off a unique look and flair to each lighting situation. The lights are fully-dimmable without any flickering and maintain a full-color rendition to avoid extra time in postproduction.

Spekular reshapes itself to whatever your needs are.

Spekular can even split up to separate units to provide multiple light setups.

There are four LED sections that give off 14.5 watts of light that delivers as much power as four “standard” LED panels. Spiffy is offering Spekular as a "carry less, light more" solution to all photographers and videographers. They claim that Spekular is "extremely sturdy and hard-wearing" and can withstand the abuse of a typical photo or video studio operation. 

The Spekular kit comes equipped with four LED light sections, four hinged, connectable adapters, and also comes with a carrying case. The Spekular kit is priced at $650 at Spiffy Gear and select retailers. They also offer additional accessories to complement.

Is Spekular really a viable solution to photographer and videographer's needs? Can it take the wear and tear of a photographer's lifestyle? What do you think? I'll be giving this unique kit a test run, keep an eye out for an upcoming review.

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Nick Pecori is a Florida-based advertising photographer who has shot for clients Acer, Bealls, Shoe Carnival, the Florida Lottery, etc.

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Cue a wave of crazy catchlights in 3.....2.....1....

WOW!!!! Did you saw that Star Catch Lights?!!!!!!!

They're a little out there, lol. I'm looking forward to trying the triangle and rectangle setup.


Unless I can make a rhombus or a parallelogram catchlight, I'm out.

Seems interesting...

Looks awesome! I'm down for trying it

I'm using LED sticks for portraits here and there with pretty good results but I'm still not convinced. Yet.

I'll be trying it out myself, let see how it goes!

After reading an article on this and in the market for a portable light I bought this kit. The quality of the light is great and ease of setup is a plus. One of the drawbacks is the case. Where the lights sit in the foam part of the case got loose easy, and because there is space between the top part of the case flap and the foam insert the lights consistently come out of their foam insert and bounce around the case. The power cord is too short in terms of the power cord plug from the light to the brick. If your main content is video interviews you will definitely need the $150 attachment to use this light as a three light kit. Overall, I will use this light a ton and really like how easy, portable, and the quality of light it produces.

Interesting points, I'll definitely keep them in mind when I try it out!