The Significance of Communication Between Videographers and Photographers on the Wedding Day

As much as the wedding photographers and videographers work together to capture memories, they have their own challenges in getting along. Especially when they are shooting the same moment, minding each other's space becomes trickier. In this video, Vanessa Joy initiates a conversation with her fellow videographer, who throws light on the ways to help each other out. 

The first and foremost thing to focus on is communication. It all starts with how clearly the photographers and videographers communicate with each other before the wedding happens. There are a lot of crucial things to discuss, like knowing each other's timelines, the list of shots planned, and the kind of cooperation needed from each other. A lot of the time, it happens that the videographers and photographers bump into each other only on the day of the wedding and there is no other choice but to embrace the moment and go with the flow. That's when problems arise and a lot of shots happen to have each other's heads and gear. By talking out things in prior, each can not only avoid crossovers but also enhance the shooting experience. Together as a team, there is so much that can be accomplished.  

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good share. a charming video with some food for thought... i was a second shooter and was tasked with shooting the fellas getting ready. good point about proper communication- can't be overstated. i was surprised when the videographer answered the door, but my immediate idea was to give him a brief, high level (2 or 3 bullets) view of what i needed. he very naturally reciprocated and told me what he needed and it was a smooth little session. within 30 seconds i felt like we already had a clue where we'd be getting intertwined. hours later i wound up loaning him spare memory cards, and a few days later he returned them.