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Three Quick Tips for Storytelling in Pictures

It is the story in the picture that speaks to us. And it is very important to sharpen our storytelling skills every now and then. In this video from Chase Jarvis, Joe Mcnally steers the discussion with three quick tips that will enhance you to improve storytelling in your pictures. 

Now, this might sound basic, the importance of telling a story in the picture we shoot. But that basic element is also the essential and crucial factor that every photographer has to stay connected to, all the time. Be it a beginner or an expert photographer, the basics form the foundation and one must constantly remind themselves of these aspects. I am going to talk about the first point and leave the other two for your disposal as you watch this video.

The first essential factor is research. Yes, the amount of research you put in before actually shooting a picture is very important. Let us take outdoor couple shoot for example. There are so many factors that have to be accounted for. The location, the weather condition, the interesting spots, the theme, the couple's attire and makeup, and so many more items. Also, let us not forget the couple's story. Every couple comes with a dream about their photo-shoot. It is important that you listen to their expectations to deliver an output that satisfies both the ends. Only when you take time to do all these research processes will the shoot start the way you want to. The other two factors are keeping it simple and knowing your craft to execute in style. Take a look at the full video to know more about this.     

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An entrepreneur by profession and a wanderer by nature, Amar Ramesh is a creative photographer based in Chennai, India. Wedding photography being his forte with over 300 weddings under his belt, he also shoots fashion, kids, documentary films, heritage, and lifestyle. And he enjoys sharing his experiences constantly.

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