Tips for Becoming a Better Photographer

Everyone wants to be a better photographer. Whether you're just starting out or are an established veteran, we're always wanting to be better at our craft. Today's video has some accessible tips for improvement that anyone can put into practice right away.

Brought to you via adventurer, landscape photographer, and YouTuber Benjamin Jaworskyj, he lays out a few different tips and concepts that we can use to help us become better photographers. These are great tips for anyone regardless of what you're shooting; while Jaworskyj is a landscape photographer, his advice applies to anyone with a camera who wants to improve. Some of these tips are things I know I've done before and that I agree can help a person to think about photography in new and different ways.

One of his tips focuses on finding inspiration from other photographers and taking time to identify what aspects of different photographs that you like. This is something that I've personally done for a long time and find to be very useful. I believe that staying inspired is important for artistic growth and finding other artists who inspire is a huge boon. Taking the time to break down what it is about an artist's work or why you like the images that you do is an important exercise in creativity. Don't just like hundreds of images on Instagram; rather, grab a sheet of paper and a pencil and look at one specific image that you love. List out what aspects of the image that speak to you, think about why you like it, and you'll end up learning more about yourself in the process.

After you've watched the video, leave a comment below with your own tip or tool that you've found useful in improving your photography. Is there a source that you go to most often for inspiration or improvement? Do you find that as you improve, continuing to learn becomes more difficult or are you constantly learning new things?

Evan Kane is a portrait photographer based near Seattle. He specializes in colorful location portraits with a bit of a fairy tale flair. Always looking to create something with emotion behind it, he fell backwards into photography in mid 2015 and has been pursuing this dream ever since. One if his mottos: "There is always more to learn."

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This guy he is awesome, if you speak German he has a lot more videos in German too. He is actually quite well known in there.