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What Does 'Unique' Mean in Regards to Photography And Videography?

How important is it to be unique when creating your work and building upon that? What does it even mean to be unique when talking about something subjective like artwork? To what degree is standing out tied to one's ability to show uniqueness?

Reasons to Give the Nikon Z50 Some Consideration

If you haven't yet taken the mirrorless camera plunge, before you buy, ask yourself if you've given the Nikon Z 50 enough thought. If you haven't, this video offers some reasons to do so before you make a move.

Who Doesn't Love a Good Camera Unboxing Video?

It's new, it's fresh, and it's from Nikon. If you'd like to see an unboxing video of the D780 and side-by-side comparison with its predecessor, the D750, then this is a video that you're going to like.

Printing Wall Art: Brushed Metal Prints

When you're looking to have your work printed for display on your own wall, in your client's home, or in a gallery you have a myriad of choices and formats that you can print on. Today I'm taking a close look at one option, the brushed metal print.

An Overview of the Nikon D780

The successor to Nikon's D750, one of their more successful full frame camera bodies, is here in the form of the D780 and here is what you need to know.

How I Hashtag My Photography for Social Media

If you've found yourself wondering how you can go about using hashtags on Instagram for tagging your work, here's how I go about it. Spoiler alert: I don't overthink it, and I keep it as simple as possible.

Gift Ideas for the Film Photographer in Your Life

The holidays are coming whether you like it or not and whether you're ready or not. In the event that you know you're not ready, here is a quick gift list with a number of different ideas for any film photographers that you may have in your life.

Outdoor Swimwear Portraits Using One Light on Location

When you're on location, being able to take great images with minimal gear makes life a lot easier; knowing what you can do with just one light is where a lot of folks start, and for good reason. Check out these great setups for when you're on the beach with a one-light setup.

Finding Calm Photographing Gloomy Minimalist Flowers

Call it a personal project or way of finding the calm again in photographs, lately I've been shooting a portrait style “sad flower” collection and I love it. Check out the how and why and if it tickles your fancy you can give it a try too.

When the Sky Gives You Clouds Like These, Just Go Shoot

When the weather gods do something crazy, don't ask questions; just say thank you. You can try and plan your outdoor photography until you're blue in the face, but sometimes, when it starts to look like the conditions might be epic, you need to be spontaneous and just get out there.

Popping Balloons for Some Creative Photography

Crazy high shutter speeds can lead to some pretty awesome photos as you capture things that simply happen too fast for our eyes and brains. This video brings some simple, easy, and fun shots your way using those super quick shutter speeds.

Help With Selecting Work for Your Portfolio

Lately, I've found myself really thinking a lot about portfolios, in both physical and digital form. This throwback video helps with the most basic question: how do you choose the work for your portfolio?