Five More Fantasy Portrait Photographers to Check out Who You're Probably Not Familiar With

Five More Fantasy Portrait Photographers to Check out Who You're Probably Not Familiar With

If you're ready to check out a few more fantasy portrait photographers, then you're in the right place. This time around, the goal is to find and highlight a few folks that you're probably not already following but are definitely worth a look.

In case you missed the recent article by fellow writer Nicole York, definitely stop by that piece first and get acquainted with the photographers that she highlighted, as they are all incredibly talented artists doing pretty epic things in the fantasy photography world. Being a big fan of fantasy portraiture myself, I wanted to create a small additional list with the stated goal of finding and highlighting a few photographers that might be considered lesser known but are nonetheless creating incredible work worth checking out.

As with any list (especially ones like these), there are just too many incredible people to mention, and a list like this could go on forever, though would that be such a bad thing? There are people all over the world creating epic, jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring work, and I'd like to stress the importance of searching out and finding these folks. Support artists who create the work that inspires you regardless of their name recognition or following. 

Olaia Macías

Macías is creating beautiful panoramic images that tell a story and are full of emotion. Each image could be a book cover or a story board for a film; her images are breathtaking, expressive, and filled with feeling.

Sanne van Bergenhenegouwen

Fine art portraiture with a dark and edgy quality that can't help but captivate the viewer. She brings a alternative glamour-like quality to her studio portraits that jumps off the screen.

Jennifer Flapjack Photography

With colors that light up and fill the frame, her images are wonderfully moody and vibrant all at once.

Paulina Siwiec

Blending nature and portraiture in a colorful and emotive way, her images have a timeless quality to them that immediately catches the eye.

Iseris Photography

The words "dark, gothic fantasy land" come to mind, and it's beautiful to behold.

Let's call it a holiday bonus, as I'd also like to include two additional photographers that I feel compelled to mention, though these next two you may already be familiar with.

Terrence ​​​​​​​Drysdale

Stunning doesn't even begin to describe the scenes that he and his partner create. Fantastical adventure scenes that immediately evoke a sense of awe is the very least that can be said.

Lyonel Stief​​​​​​​

A master of color is what comes to mind with portraits that are hard to look away from in all the best ways.

As much as I'd like to drop beautiful image after image this is where I'll end it for today. The world is a big place, and there are photographers all over the globe creating fantasy photography that tells a beautiful story. If you've got a favorite photographer that you'd like to share with us, drop their social media link in the comments, and let's keep this list growing. Happy holidays folks!

Lead Image by Evan Kane.

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Jim Woltjen's picture

Check out Thom Rouse, his work is awesome:!/page/274156/newest-work

Teresa Oldenbourg's picture

Would be more compelling if the article featured photos that dont look like it all came from the same photographer.

D D's picture

Thanks for the additional recommendations. I must have a similar aesthetic as you do when it comes to artistic photos. I liked all but one of your recommended photographers. However, I can appreciate the craftsmanship that went into creating the images Evan Kane recommended in his article. They are all great photographers/artists in their own right.