Let's See Your Halloween and Spooky Photography From Recent Years

Let's See Your Halloween and Spooky Photography From Recent Years

Is Halloween pretty much the best time of year for you too? The late fall and autumn vibes are awesome, and it culminates with everything spooky that is Halloween; let's see what you've shot in the spirit of Halloween over the years!

Whether you go all out with decorations, have a family and do the whole trick or treating thing, or just stick to photography, you can't really deny that anything and everything Halloween has the potential to be epic. You can take it really casual and go for a goofy or silly vibe, try and find a fun middle ground, or go full-blown horror and try to push the scary vibes to the max. As photographers, the holiday offers a fun time to try and shoot specific moods or themes, often inspired by other media, like film or classic horror stories.

I know that while I have always been really drawn to the Halloween season and everything about the holiday, it's only over the last couple years that I've been more and more into horror movies, both classic and modern. It's easy to see how people can be so inspired by the characters and stories to dress up and get epic-level creative with makeup and special effects. Pair a costume with either a creepy fall setting or some creative lighting techniques, and it's surely a recipe for success.

Let's declare today to be about show and tell, with the theme being Halloween photography. There are no real rules, but I thought it could be fun to just get people sharing their stories with their photos from over the years. Maybe it's your simple family photos with good costumes and a good story from a particular year. Maybe it's a year that you set out to shoot something really creative and got a makeup artist involved or tried out a new lighting technique (obviously a Hollywood horror-style under-light comes to mind). Whether it's a quick snapshot-style photo or a editorial image that you put a lot of time into, leave a comment below telling us about your shot. From everyone at Fstoppers, we hope that you all had a happy Halloween in 2019!

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Marc Bee's picture
Eric Salas's picture

From a meetup.

Dyrek Pereira's picture

Sure, why not. Shot a few years back at a local school with the kids all decked out. It was done in daylight but pushed the white balance limits and blacks for the spooky effects.

Larry Wynkoop's picture

From a spur-of-the-moment portrait shoot in my living room this year.

David Pavlich's picture

We were at our kid's home to see our brand new granddaughter, but Mom and babe were sleeping, so I grabbed this 'Day of the Dead' skull there, stuck it on a table, and did my best impression of a tripod and took 7 shots and processed them in Photomatix Pro 6. Plenty of gawdy tone mapping. :-)

Greg Milunich's picture

Last time I did anything spooky/ Halloween themed

Matt Budjinski's picture

A little Halloween Skate sesh the other night

Irene Rudnyk's picture

Vampire Bride :)

Evan Kane's picture

Yassss! :D

Cordell Hull's picture

First crack at Jack o lantern carving.


I work at a haunted halloween park in October as their media guy. Basically I get free reign to get creative and capture what I see fit- with the one rule to 'show the park, without totally showing it" Make sense? These are some of the more 'staged' shots that I got to take my time with and not rush through because I was in a haunt while it was open.

B Laramie's picture

Natasha, the corpse bride. Actually just our porch decoration from a few years ago. Pulled a tree branch down to add leaves and shot with an old Nikon point and shoot. Old 1970s wedding dress from Goodwill on a plastic skeleton. Flame added later.

Dustin Landon's picture

Went out into a forest that had burned last year, dressed in black and made some cool scenes. Ended up creating a whole Instagram account for my creepy photos.

B Laramie's picture

Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) Parade from a couple years ago. South Valley, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Tom Ferguson's picture

A little something with some skeleton parts and spider web

Marc Bee's picture

Now that I'm home and can post actual photos...

The first is a few years ago in the Collingwood Art Center in Toledo. The second is slightly more recent and was shot in the Leland Hotel in Detroit. The last one is also at the Leland. I've pretty much abandoned strobes and "studio lighting" for ambient and what I call primitive lighting. Sometimes I use a small, portable LED light to give a bit of warm fill light if the candles or existing lighting aren't enough. Pretty much everything I do currently feels like it fits right in with Halloween.

Bryan Mitchell's picture

For about 10 years I made some kind of Jack-O-Lantern image just for fun. Didn't do one this year so here is last years image. Larger version here - https://bryanmitchell.photoshelter.com/portfolio/G00009tqQ0CRDMGs/I0000O...

Terry Manning's picture

This a vampire-themed shoot from a while back with some local models and a makeup artist in Montgomery, Ala. I think the MUA is the only one of us still working full-time LOL Looking at these makes me want to do an updated shoot.

Michael Lightspeed's picture

Tryin some new lighting.

Ed Main's picture

Annual Halloween Pics with twins (and family)!

davidlovephotog's picture

Most of what I shoot could be Halloween.

Bryan Mitchell's picture

Always liked your images.

davidlovephotog's picture


Ed C's picture

The Infinity Gate Infrared Ghost

Amber Hambly's picture

Some my favorites from being your lighting guinea pig.
And this year's Halloween because pirates are always in style

Black Z Eddie .'s picture

Holy hell. Pretty damn badass!

Sophie Charlotte's picture

Just shot these yesterday in an abandoned hospital

Todd Phillips's picture

Brother working Scarowinds as "The Butcher of London"

Lee Ramsden's picture

This was my first time playing with canned smoke.
Tricky wafting it at the back of the image, running back to take the image, back to the smoke lol.

Something i would like to push further.
Love to hear your experiences and tips with smoke.


Matic Lipar's picture

Did a photoshoot this year with some Slovenian influencers

Nathan Balavoine's picture

Always make a big shoot for halloween (I love fantasy & horror photgraphy), I made Make-up, props and outfit too

2019 : The Lich King https://fstoppers.com/photo/423284

2018 Orphanage nun (michael hussar inspiration) https://fstoppers.com/photo/400119

2017: Grim reaper https://fstoppers.com/photo/204122

Matt Owen's picture

Half glamour, half horror.

Mark Wyatt's picture

Here are a few samples


Mark Wyatt's picture

Here are a few spooky/Halloween shots

T Lisenbee's picture

Just wanted to add my Halloween shoot to an already amazing group of pics. Great shots everyone!

Daniel Rodriguez's picture

Not shooting nearly enough vampire images.

Raymond Craig's picture

Did a fun shoot with a cosplayer MacheteMike who does a fantastic Ash from Evil Dead. Still one of my favorite's to work on despite how cold it was (up on the mountain in WY where it starts snowing pretty early in the fall).

Bruce Clement's picture

Never leave the seat up ...

Paul Broomfield's picture

A couple of us at the studio whipped this up for Halloween


Ryan Ringstad's picture

Pretty great haunted house put on at a local golf course.

Glenn Jones's picture

Just some fun with stage blood, a dull knife, and nylons filled with toilet paper and dipped in stage blood. Oh, and an awesome sfx face mask and an amazing model.

Alejandro Penner's picture

wow, that is insane!

Alejandro Penner's picture

My Wife and I had some time to kill, so we had fun with smoke bombs

Alejandro Penner's picture

Pumpkins and Smoke bombs

Elizabeth Jones's picture

All Hallows Eve Party 2018
See album here https://www.elizabethjones.nz/All%20Hallows%20Eve%20Party/

Kareem Quow's picture

Based on looks from the American Horror Story Promo Art Work
Shot a week before Halloween

Kareem Quow's picture

Based on looks from the American Horror Story Promo Art Work
Shot a week before Halloween

Sophie Charlotte's picture

Love this one so much! Creeps me out in a good way.

Niko Pernu's picture

Did a shoot last year even though Halloween isn’t popular in Finland!