Help With Selecting Work for Your Portfolio

Lately, I've found myself really thinking a lot about portfolios, in both physical and digital form. This throwback video helps with the most basic question: how do you choose the work for your portfolio?

Brought to you via Ted Forbes circa 2012, he asks solid questions and sharing a few good tips on the subject of choosing portfolio work. If you've ever set out to assemble an official portfolio of your work (sorry folks, Instagram doesn't count), you know that there are a number of factors and challenges that accompany the process. How do you select images? What about a third party opinion? Who are you trying to impress? These are all things that you have to address as you sift through your collection of images.

While this video may be an older one, I think a lot of the general points are as valid as ever. Though the way we present ourselves online may have changed a great deal (Instagram had only launched about two years prior to this video and was absolutely nowhere near as popular as it is now), having a tangible portfolio feels perhaps even more important these days. In the coming weeks, I'll be diving deeper into the subject of physical portfolios, and I can say that some of the things Forbes addresses are the same things that I did myself when I started to assemble physical work. Chime in folks: who out there has a portfolio somewhere in their home, office, or studio? Is it several years old or have you updated it recently?

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