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10 Different Ways to Print Your Photos

We may be firmly in the digital age, but there will always be something special about printing your images. However, there are dozens of ways to print your images, and it comes down to cost, your taste, photo content, final location, and much more. So, before you start spending a lot of money, it is worth taking a look at some of the options. This helpful video will show you 10 different ways to print your images, including the pros, cons, and aesthetic differences between them.

6 Reasons Why Printing Your Photos Is Important

As a photographer, I spend a lot of time taking photos, editing, blogging, and posting them on social media. However, are these photos just meant to be viewed for the 24-hour period (or less) that they're displayed on social media, only to disappear forever? Personally, I believe it’s important to create and share something tangible and special in this digital age of noise and instant gratification. That's why I've started to print my photos, and below are some reasons why you should too.

A Look at How to Sell Photo Prints in 2023

Prints will always be in style: no matter how good digital displays are, people love tactile manifestations of images for a variety of applications: homes, offices, and more. So, how do you go about selling prints in 2023? This excellent video tutorial will give you a wide range of useful advice.

Photographers, Print Your Photos

Although I've probably taken millions of photographs at this point, I rarely ever print them. I moved into a new house in 2022, and a year later, almost every wall was still bare. Well, not anymore. I finally printed 10 giant photos and purchased two Samsung Frame TVs that become art when they aren't being used.
How to Make a Photography Zine

Making a photo zine can be a great way to present a body of work or, alternatively, re-contextualize a series of images which may exist elsewhere, such as on your website.

Printing Your Images Makes You a Better Photographer

Glyn Dewis discusses the reasons behind the thinking that printing makes us better photographers. He takes a look at Permajet paper and gives some of the reasons why you'd choose this over other types of paper and educates us as to what makes a good paper for printing. He looks at the components like OBA (optical brightening agent) and tells you why it's good that some papers do not have this.

DxO Adds Some Powerful New Features to PhotoLab 6.3

DxO PhotoLab is well regarded as one of the finest raw editors available for pro and semi-pro photographers. Although certainly not as well known as the Adobe products like Photoshop and Lightroom, it offers very powerful tools that have gotten a lot of attention.

Capturing and Editing Epic and Timeless Imagery of an Iconic Welsh Landmark With Just Your Mobile

In this video, Glyn Dewis effortlessly explains how he manages to capture the iconic Prince of Wales bridge spanning the border between Wales and England. As a proud Welshman, this was intriguing to me, and as a photographer this is engaging and really shows the potential that mobile technology has to be able to improve the availability and quality of immediate photography.

Your Clients Might Not Like Your Print Options

Photographers have preferences on everything ranging from their favorite camera to their best lens, how they edit their photos, and what photo paper they use to make prints. What if your own preferences aren't aligned with what your potential clients enjoy? We asked dozens of normal people which photo papers and print products they prefer, and the results were not exactly what I had expected.

Sell Your Prints for The Holidays The Easy Way!

I always wanted to sell my photography as fine art but always felt like it would take too much time to do it myself or that the quality of online platforms would be too low. That was until I found a solution that meant very little work for me with no compromises on quality, pricing, or customer support. If this sounds too good to be true, then keep reading for an in-depth look at the new storefront that is now offering you more tools and features to sell your prints online during the holidays, the easy way.

Discovering the Secret World of Wedding Albums

For the most part, I have total control over my client's experience with me. I know and understand every aspect because that's my livelihood and passion. I research my equipment, control my backups, work from calibrated monitors and meticulously set up how I deliver images to my clients. However, I've always been in the dark about one aspect of the process, wedding albums.

5 Mistakes Beginners Make When Printing Their Photos

Printing your photos and holding a tactile representation of your hard work is a wonderful and exciting experience, but creating a proper print is a skill and area of knowledge unto itself. If you are just starting to print your photos and want to ensure you do not waste your money, check out this fantastic video tutorial that will show you five common mistakes beginners make when printing photos and how to avoid them.

A Beginner's Guide to Printing Photos

In the digital age, many of us go years without ever printing our photos, which is a real shame, because no matter how sharp the screen, there really is no substitute for the tactile impression of holding a physical representation of your work in your hands. If you are new to printing your work and wondering what you need to know, check out this fantastic video tutorial that will show you everything it takes to get up and running.

Why You Should Use a Wired Connection for Printing Photos

To make accurate prints, you need to get several elements right. From print profiles, to choice of paper, to correct calibration. If you are working on a Mac, you need to ensure you are doing it properly.

This Changed My Photography Forever

Whether you're brand new or have many years experience, printing your work can be the most satisfying part of photography. Something you might not realize is how much your work might change after you make that first print.

How to Create Better Photo Prints

I take photos to get them printed to either hang them in my apartment or sell them to customers. And while it's important for me that those prints appear sharp and detailed, it's crucial to get a correct representation of the colors and contrasts. To achieve this, a process called soft proofing should be used during print preparation whenever possible, and in this article, I show you how to do it.

Why PPI Is Imaginary: PPI Versus DPI Versus Resolution

There are a lot of confusing elements when it comes to photography, particularly when you're looking at printing. Perhaps the most misunderstood is PPI — pixels per inch — and when it's useful, because it is often not useful at all.

XXL Printing: What To Consider for Printing Bigger Than A0

How many megapixels do we need? What do we have to consider already out on location, that we are able to print big afterward? How do we choose the right printing material, and how can we be sure to get the best possible printing result in the end?

Creating a Powerful Print From a Unique Camera

Before the digital era, you could still shoot panoramic photographs, but you generally had to resort to using a special kind of camera to do so, especially if you wanted the best possible image quality. This neat video follows a landscape photographer as he uses an absolute behemoth of a camera to create a special panoramic print.

The Uncomfortable Truth About Selling Prints

A lot of truths about photography are hard to hear when you're looking at making a career out of it, but they are necessary if you want to go into the profession with a complete understanding of what's to come.

Transform Your Photograph Prints Into Mixed Media Art

If you're interested in printing your photography, why not double down on creativity and turn those images into mixed media art. In this video, Irene Rudnyk walks you through how she created some stunning works by combining physical artistic techniques with prints of digital images.

Need a Last-Minute Gift Idea? Make a Photo for Someone

I've always been a fan of personalizing gifts for the special people in my life. It says so much more than a pair of Happy Socks or a gift card. But nothing quite compares to giving the gift of your art.

Ways Wireless Printing Can Improve Your Photography Business

If you think that printing is a thing of the past, think again. More and more photographers are adding printing to their service list. This is particularly popular with event and wedding photographers, but wireless printing is actually for everyone, as every photographer should print their work - or at least the work that’s worth printing.

Is the Cheapest Samsung Frame TV Worth Your Money?

While many of us hold printing photographs in high regard — myself included — digital displays of photography are becoming more prevalent, affordable, and effective. But is Samsung's range of frame TVs worth your hard-earned cash?

Surprising Results From the Nikon Z 5 With a Kit Lens for Print

In this video, compare the Nikon Z 5 with a kit lens to the Nikon Z 7 with the Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8 for print results. Is there as much difference as you would think, or would you be happy with the entry-level camera and the kit lens?

Review of the Epson EcoTank Photo ET 8500 All-in-One Printer

Epson asked me if I was interested in reviewing the EcoTank photo ET 8500 all-in-one printer. I said yes and got the opportunity to use the printer for a month. Is it worth investing in this printer? Let’s find out.

5 Things a Photographer Wishes He Had Learned Earlier in His Career

Photography is about growth, and there are many times I wish that I could tell my younger self a few things about photography. While I'd start out by saying "You're not as good as you think you are," there are a few more practical tips in this video from Gear Focus.

Helpful Tips for Selling Prints Online

Selling prints can be a fantastic way to create a bit of passive income from your photography, but with so many images and photographers out there, it can be difficult to get a bit of traction to start generating sales. This helpful video discusses a photographer's experience selling prints online and some of the things he has done to increase his sales.

How To Make and Sell Your First Photobook

Self-publishing your own photobook has never been easier. This helpful video gives you some insights into how to create a platform for your product, choose a printer, take preorders, and get your book on sale.

Easy Steps for Printing Your Photographs

Printing professional-quality images can be an intimidating task if you are new to it. However, it doesn't need to be overly complicated. By following a few simple steps you can easily create high-end prints ready for your walls or print sales.

Why You Should Start Selling Postcards Through Your Website and How to Do It

Many photographers would love to sell prints from their website but holding stock is expensive, shipping can be complicated, and buying a quality print can be a significant investment of money and wallspace that won't appeal to a large chunk of your audience. Why not sell postcards instead?

How to Create Large Prints of Your Photos

There is something special about seeing your work in print, and a particularly large print can be especially entrancing to behold. This great video tutorial will show you the process of creating a large print from shooting it to hanging it with plenty of helpful tips along the way.

Helpful Tips for Selling Landscape Photo Prints

One of the most common ways to make money through landscape photography is to sell prints, but with such a crowded market, it can be tricky to stand out. This excellent tutorial discusses some of the best-selling types of prints as well as some helpful tips for maximizing your sales.

Why Your Photography Prints Aren't Selling

Selling your photographs as prints for someone's wall is both a gratifying experience and a useful revenue stream, but it's not easy to do. So, why is it so difficult to sell prints?

Printing Nikon D850 Iceland Landscape Photos the Size of a House

How often have you pixel peeped at another camera to see if you could print the images large enough to fit on your wall? I bet you've never considered printing it the size of your entire house, but that's exactly what this photography duo did in Iceland.

How Big Can You Actually Print Your Photos?

It might seem like there is a pretty straightforward correlation between sensor size, resolution, and maximum reasonable print size, but the relationship is a bit more complicated than just those specific variables. This great video examines the sort of print sizes you can reasonably create using photos from an iPhone, an APS-C camera, and a medium format body.

Processing Images in Black and White for Print

Printing your own photographs is a gratifying and important experience for photographers new to the art and veterans alike. In this video, watch how one photographer processes his images into black and white to then print.

Shooting and Printing a Fine Art Photograph

If you are like most of us, you are probably spending the vast majority of your time at home right now, and there is no better time than now to start exploring printing your own images. This excellent video tutorial will take you through the process of shooting, editing, and printing your own fine art photo.

Show Your Printer Some Love This Holiday Season

There are a lot of things that go neglected during the pandemic. But while a little undone personal grooming won't harm anyone, leaving your printer unloved for some time can cause some headaches.