Can You Make Large Prints From Phone Photos?

It is generally accepted that phone photos are fine for sharing on the web or on Instagram, but for larger applications, you need a dedicated camera. But with modern phones making great leaps in image quality, you might wonder if you can actually get acceptable or even good larger prints from a phone image. This great video examines the sort of print quality you can expect from images shot on a modern smartphone.

Reducing the Environmental Impact of Your Photography: Hahnemühle's Green Papers

Optical printing is a dirty and time-consuming process. The chemicals involved in printing are bad for you and bad for the environment. Digital printing hasn’t changed much of this impact for the better. The chemicals used to treat photographic printer paper aren’t great for the environment. The paper itself uses a significant amount of resources to cultivate. Do you ever wonder if there is a better alternative?

A Look at the Fascinating Process of Making Photo Books

Even as we are firmly planted in the digital realm, there is really nothing that can replace the tactile sensation of flipping through a photo book. However, they are not as straightforward to create as you might think, taking an impressive dose of precision and attention to detail to create the final product. This excellent video takes a behind the scenes look at the process.