Reasons to Give the Nikon Z50 Some Consideration

If you haven't yet taken the mirrorless camera plunge, before you buy, ask yourself if you've given the Nikon Z 50 enough thought. If you haven't, this video offers some reasons to do so before you make a move.

In this video from Gemini Connect, we see five reasons that beginners thinking about a new (or first) mirrorless camera should take a look at the Nikon Z 50. Essentially, the Z 50 is Nikon's crop sensor mirrorless body, designed with the non-professional in mind, while still packing a strong toolkit that covers the bases and can deliver professional results.

Having seen this camera on display at a local store, I can say that the Z 50 is insanely compact and lightweight (which makes sense, as the larger Z 6 and Z 7 are Nikon's full-frame mirrorless cameras). As I've come to expect from Nikon, the ergonomics are outstanding, and the camera feels spot-on in the hands. Something definitely worth noting here, though, is that this body does not come with the stabilization that Z 6 and Z 7 do.

Obviously, what you shoot, what you're looking to do (both from a photo and video standpoint), what you already know, your budget, and what the camera does well all factor into the decision-making process. Bear in mind that this is a camera that's designed to be very, very beginner friendly. This could be the best thing about it or a limiting factor, all depending on the user. Have you looked the the Z 50 spec sheet or tried one in store? If you have thoughts on this particular model or the Nikon Z line in general, chime in and leave your thoughts below.

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Lael Williams's picture

Fits into my needs. Am not a pro, so FF Z6+7 are beyond my needs Heavily invested in DX from the 3200 to the 7500 with some FX lens. Gets me into Nikon mirrorless cheap because DX. Just what I have been waiting for.

jim hughes's picture

I have a Nikon Z6 but recently bought a Z50 because I like a smaller, lighter camera for travel. It's been totally great and I don't think the "beginner"designation applies at all. The controls pretty much match the Z6 and to be honest I now realize that I could do almost everything I do with just the Z50 and would seldom see a significant difference in results. The pancake zoom is excellent.

I used to use a Sony a6300 which is of course very good but has awkward controls and ergonomics. The Z50 makes the Sony feel like a toy.

In the midst of an outpouring of doom and gloom about Nikon's future in the industry, they nevertheless managed to disregard the "full frame" drumbeat and a create a solid and totally likeable camera with few compromises.

Here's a link to some Z50 photos from a recent trip.

Vincent Alongi's picture

Nice imaging. How does the build quality feel? Odd question, I know. I'm just intrigued. I didn't think I would be with their first crack at mirrorless (especially with a crop sensor), but a compact body for street and travel does pique my interest.

jim hughes's picture

It feels like a real Nikon. But I'm not an expert on the fine points of its construction.

Joshua Boldt's picture

Great pics. Thanks for sharing.

Wayne Harris's picture

I’ve had this camera for about a week and I love it. The sensor is great and the Z glass is really impressive. (I rented the Z 50 1.8). I’m currently using an F 35mm 1.8G and that works great as well. This will suit me just fine until I’m ready to add a Z6 to my lineup. :)

Joshua Boldt's picture

I was quite impressed with the Z50 my aunt bought. She brought it at Christmas time and I got to spend the evening with it. For what she paid that is one heck of a camera. The focusing with the kit lens was stellar. Locked onto people's faces perfectly all night.

John Dean's picture

I wish there had been a jack for a manual shutter release. I do nighttime photography and Astrophotography and was hoping I had found the right camera I never thought to check if it had the ability to use a manual shutter release, not just Bluetooth. It is to cold to be without gloves where I live. Now I just hope that someone will come up with a adapter

Hans J. Nielsen's picture

It is a Nikon camera.
Just use Exposure Delay Mode.

Lesley Thomas's picture

I love my Nikon full frame DSLR and, although not a professional, I am far from a beginner photographer. I recently bought a Z50 because I wanted a smaller, lighter camera for everyday and for travel. I love it, and have found that it surpasses my expectations and that it will do almost everything my DSLR can do. Will it do everything? No, but for the price, I am thrilled.

It may be the best mirrorless camera for a beginner, but I would say that it is far more than just that.

Douglas Perrenoud's picture

If it had IBIS I would be all in.