What Does 'Unique' Mean in Regards to Photography And Videography?

How important is it to be unique when creating your work and building upon that? What does it even mean to be unique when talking about something subjective like artwork? To what degree is standing out tied to one's ability to show uniqueness?

In a recent thought-provoking video from First Man Photography, the question of what it means to be unique is discussed and raises excellent questions we can apply to any aspect of our creative journey. In a time where everyone is essentially a visual storyteller to some degree due to phones and social media, what does it actually mean to present your authentic self through whatever medium you've chosen? This is a complicated question that can quickly become a bit nebulous, as it may mean vastly different things to different people.

I'm a huge fan of videos that leave me asking questions or those that have me thinking about what I'm doing creatively. This is a rabbit hole type of topic that a person like myself could fall down and think or talk about for days. I think that the more questions we ask, the more potential there is for us to learn and grow. 

What does unique mean to you? Is it something that you think about as often as you should? I think it's vital to consider that "unique" and "original" share a relationship and overlap, though they certainly don't mean the same thing. "Unique" is your connection with the work you create, while "original" often carries the implication that you've done something completely organic. We've got to remember that it's 2020, almost everyone has a smartphone, and if you think you're the first to do something, you're wrong; it's been done. Your connection and passion are what make something unique, and in theory, it's your passion for something that people are drawn to.

Now, before I fall any further down the rabbit hole, I figure I'll just wrap it up here and ask for your thoughts on the matter. Give the video a watch, give the subject some thought, and then feel free to leave your opinion on the matter. What does creative uniqueness mean to you?

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Yeah I really dislike the amount of videos these articles are sharing. Sure there's lots of good content, but I often don't really feel like watching a video. I just want to read a well-written article.