What Sort of Backdrop Should You Use for Your Photography?

We spend a lot of time discussing things like lighting, posing, editing, and the like, but one that perhaps does not get the amount of discussion it needs is the choice of backdrop. This fantastic video discusses a wide range of different backdrops and the pros and cons of each for different photographic applications.

Coming to you from Karl Taylor, this excellent video discusses a wide variety of photography backdrops and what makes them great for different applications. There is a surprising variety of backdrop types, and they can have a huge impact on the overall look of your images. As Taylor discusses, the backdrop is what complements your subject and acts to define them. For example, a white backdrop can be a great way to create clean, crisp images, but on the other hand, it can make for an uninteresting look in the wrong context. Similarly, a colorful, textured backdrop can be a great way to complement your subject, and in other situations, it can distract unnecessarily. For any photographer working in a studio, it is something to consider carefully (and many studio photographers have multiple backdrops). Check out the video above for the full rundown from Taylor. 

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Nada Ivanova's picture

about background i use 2 other kind that you dont speak about.i use vinyl (PVC tarp) that you can get print in advert compagny.you make your background how you like in photoshop , and then get it print.a bit costly in the beggining as you need to find compagny that print on not shiny material , but once you find you are good to go.I also use those "plastic" ground for house(i have no clue of name in english).its usualy sold in big roll or in very long part usual 4m .. but you can turn shop and buy left over for a discount price.in the end it make you a background for 50 to 100€ but you can use it hundreds time since its made to walk on it.you can see many of those stuff in my portfolio https://www.nada-photo.fr

Renata Clarke's picture

great video! I used to shoot with paper backgrounds only but now that I have bought a custom made hand painted canvas background, I'm not so keen on the paper anymore. I've just had a sheet of canvas delivered today from Jackson's Art store and will be having an attempt on painting my very first background this week. Fingers crossed! Your painted background looked awesome!