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What Would Be Your Desert Island Camera And Lens?

What a great question. Andrew & Denae bring us the answers from some top photographers. It's fantastic to hear from them which kit they love and which they just couldn't do without. Putting aside my jealousy of anyone having 200+ lenses, this is a great video! 

I love the thought the photographers have put in and the bravery of one photographer to conclude that they'd simply take their iPhone 11. It's so interesting to hear from such different photographers and inspiring to hear how much they love their equipment. It's tempted me to hire some of their choices and give them a go. We can all get stuck in a rut, and trying out different equipment is a great way to boost your creativity again. 

I have to admit that over the years, I've occasionally considered selling a lens when cashflow was tight but always found another way around the problem. It's amazing how nostalgic and sentimental we can become about camera equipment. 

Make yourself a nice cup of coffee, sit back, and enjoy this surprisingly relaxing video. And then, let me know if you could sell your kit? What would you sell and what would you keep if you could only keep one body and one lens? Mine would be a Canon 5D Mark IV and an 85mm f/1.8.

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David Pavlich's picture

My 5DIV and Canon 70-200 f2.8 II.

Jim L's picture

My desert island camera would be a cell phone so I could order a pizza and beer, then take up picture of my dinner for Instagram.

Louise Downham's picture

This really made me chuckle! Wise choice indeed.

Darren Loveland's picture

Leica Q2.

C H's picture

EOS R 28-70/2 . This is the lens to rule them all.

Timothy Gasper's picture

For 35mm....Nikon F2a with Nikkor 28 - 70mm f2.8.
For medium format....Hasselblad 500 CM with 80mm f2.8 Planar lens.
For digital....Nikon D5 with Nikkor 28 - 70mm f2.8 and batteries, batteries, batteries.

Ian Browne's picture

About the same as I said 30 odd years ago; a Nikon Fm2 + 50mm lens (1.4 naturally) .

Those listing the modern power hungry digital toys; there is not a lot of electricity on a desert island ---- the FM2 doesn't need batteries ;)

Timothy Gasper's picture

Absolutely right sir. That's why I chose the Nikon F2a. No batteries to worry about. The battery in the meter lasts a very long time. The FM2 is a fine choice.

Pedro Pulido's picture

1600mm F5.6 Leica ! So I could spot boats and know when to start a signal fire and get the hell out of there

paul aparycki's picture

nikon f2, standard prism, maybe 35mm lens and a thousand rolls of film (yes, I know I can't develop it, but at least the image would have been captured). as for everyone else who is taking their 5ds, their d850, etc, etc . . . good luck. Within 24 to 48 hours they will be a useless piece of junk . . . no power to recharge.

I am glad I don't have any of you helping me in a crisis situation . . . we would all die.

Nada Ivanova's picture

canon 70-200 f2.8 thats the lens i use most of time , really great picture with it

Dan Jardine's picture

My veteran Canon 5dmkii + 50mm 1.2L (needs to be weather sealed, your on a desert island...)

Michael Ma's picture

35mm 1.4. Any brand full frame.

Zack Schindler's picture

Fujifilm X100V with the UV filter to make it waterproof, 3 batteries and a lens hood.

Greg Milunich's picture

EOS R and the RF 15-35 f2.8 I love Astro and Landscapes.