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1.63 - "Needs Work" 

On one of my many walks around the city using minimal camera equipment, looking for naturally lit shots and object is something I like to do. Our city has good locations to shoot at night if you know where to look. After the sun went down I took a walk outside having seen a gallery opening (showcasing works by a fellow artist I know) that evening. A few stores close early on Saturday Night so the employees can go and have a life. While walking over to a store which had a neon sign. I took time to study it and the way the light played on it form different angles. At one moment I used the Classic Volvo, that happened to park feet away to diffuse some of the brightness the sign was generating... waiting in between crowds, flocking to bars, I set up a scenario where it might have appeared as if you saw this as a shot in a movie, like were a car rolls up and you glimpse the sign in the window before they roll it down. anyways no tripod, just a specially built monopod I designed, for use in tight spaces, I had to stand on my tip toes mind u to get the whole sign in the window, then I stalled my breath like a sniper taking his shot. The easy part was done the hard was the two-second push, that release of the Shutter where you get some vibration. The final outcome is this I cleaned it up in adobe photoshop here it is for all to see.
Nikon D90
18-70mm Nikkor lens
1/30 sec.
Apt 3.8
ISO 1100

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There is noise all over the image and shot seemed blurry