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1.02 - "Snap Shot" 

I don't actually use a car too much. It for detracts from the whole idea of what street photographers do. That is, get on the streets and shoot! I ride Public Transit almost exclusively. it's 8 to 12 hour days sometimes. this is one of my Local Routes at "end of shift" it's lights stretching the length of a road inside the Bus Depot. Just within the scene, you can see a bus bench, not visible is the trash of the day's passengers. but it is a long day when you wake up and get on a bus bound for the day's destination before the lights go off, then get on a bus bound for home when the lights turn on.
Nikon D90
18-70mm Nikkor lens
1/20 sec.
ISO 200

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Chris Godwin's picture

From you're first few sentences, it sounds like you misunderstood the genre. Automotive photography is taking a picture OF an automobile, not taking a picture FROM an automobile. However, you did submit a photo of an automobile.. So now I'm confused.

Jens Ritchie's picture

Every photo I see is a car this genre is a generic as can be. I wanted to stand out from the rest I mean sure I wanted I could take photo's of classics . i could throw stones in any direction and hit a home of a classic car owner and shoot their car, but I don't want to!!!

Chris Godwin's picture