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1.11 - "Snap Shot" 

This is my daily driver. Yes it is an actual former cop car.

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What makes this a snap shot?

The large rocks are very distracting and the large depth of field allow the eyes to wander to the trees and the afore mentioned rocks. Also taking in the fact that there doesn't seem to be any post processing done, cropping or straightening; the overall image looks as if it were taken on a phone or auto mode and uploaded directly here.

I agree with you about the rocks and trees, I could of parked else where and used a shallower depth of field, but I wanted to try and get the whole car in focus. I can promise that this was takin with a dslr, and I used aputure priority not auto. I would never use auto or use my phone. I always use lightroom to edit my images. Maybe I should of shot fully manual. I didn't think it needed any cropping, but guess I was wrong. The image is level, the road kind of goes down to the right, but that's just how it is. The car and large rock are level. But thanks for that, I'll try better next time.