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Excellent shot. Very, very interesting composition. While the background is pretty busy you managed to not make it distracting while still giving the overall image a great sense of depth and speed.

Personally, I even like the bright yet desaturated look you went with, although that might not be everybody's cup of coffee.

Thinking of it as a stand-alone piece, maybe a poster or an autograph card it looks amazing.

Thanks a lot, Lee! Honestly, real reproduction is not my thing. I love to make those photos look like drawings or somthing like that.

I see where you're coming from.
And I like your thinking.
You see, I like to think that rather than with the click of a shutter every photo happens in my head.
To me every photo I take is a memory of a moment in my life.
For that the camera is just an imperfect tool which needs help. Thus I try to reproduce the image, I have in my mind when post-processing.
The data, that my camera delivers is just a template, a canvas of sorts if you will.