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2.64 - "Solid" 

BMW M3, shot in a mild snow storm. The day started off cold, then the snow came in and we finished the shoot anyways, i think the extra element of blowing snow added to the desaturated look and the beautiful grey BMW. Nikon D800, Nikkor 24-70mm ƒ/2.8 shot at 44mm ƒ/8. Roughly 5 polarizations and one additional exposure for the grill and rotor detail

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Excellent shot, Christian!

Thank you Adair!

The technique is great, but the positioning of the car could be better (there's too much distractions in the right of the frame). for instance putting the car further down the road (closer to the beige building), moving closer and taking a vertical shot that's framed by the building's walls.

Thanks. I wanted to frame the driver headlight in the thirds cross section. I also felt it would add more elements of the southern part of downtown st louis by including elements of the area. Sort of a juxtaposition of a nice clean BMW M3 and the rundown, tagged look of STL. I also framed it so the car is pointed outward of the frame rather than the standard framing where the car would've been on the right side of the frame. I sorta liked he grey/blues on the left, and the red/yellows on the right. I appreciate the input though!