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2.17 - "Needs Work" 
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you are way too high up to get a good angle on the car, again the rims, and you either need a really clean, or a really dirty car to pull a nice shot off. you are a solid ladscape photographer, and i'm sure you will get the hang of automotive aswell.

While I think that the perspective _is_ interesting, as for the rest, I'm with Paul w..
I really like the setting and the landscape. It's very impressive.
I think the slightly elevated position suits the car very well as it empathizes the compact size of the Duster.
Having said that, the car does need to be way dirtier and better yet moving to make this photo special. Especially with the slight view from the back, shooting a moving car makes way more sense.
For a static shot, I'd expect more of a profile or even a front oriented shot. You could pulled that off by placing the car beside the track, to empathize it being parked.

Thanks for your feedback guys! much appreciated :)