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2.27 - "Needs Work" 

The Champs-Élysées is home to a lot of foot traffic from locals and tourists alike as they dance around one another to make their way to their final destination.While navigating my way through the crowd I had spotted a woman who was going seemingly unnoticed to everyone passing by as though she was merely a ghost. With no tripod on hand I set up my camera on a small sidewalk cafe's bistro table and slowed my shutter in order to spotlight this woman who was being lost in the chaos of the busy foot traffic around her. She spent the good portion of an hour lying in that pose waiting for money to fall from the hand of a passerby.

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I think this was a really good idea to spotlight the woman in this way. It cuts out all the distraction -- and this is also exactly what turns a lot of other images into "snaphot" or "needs work" ratings. There has to be some sort of focus on something, be it through lighting, composition, depth of field, or - as in your case - by blurring out other elements.

I think it is a really great idea. One thing that I think would make it even better would be to place the camera on the street to get on an even more equal level with the subject.

great idea!!! for me, the framing is not ok thou